Salesforce Certified Developers

Salesforce Development
Salesforce is the top CRM system for SMBs in the US - and our Salesforce certified Developers know how to get the most out of it. We offer services for Salesforce ranging from:
  • Dedicated Salesforce Developers;
  • Salesforce Certified programmers;
  • Forcedotcom App Development for Salesforce Data;
  • Development on Salesforce Einstein, their new Artificial Intelligence tool;
  • Integration with the Salesforce API to existing systems;
  • Process automation for improved workflow; and
  • Full security encryption to protect your data,

We can create a full fledged Salesforce application for users within an organization. This could include: login, leave entry, workflows and approvals, reports, & email notifications.

For Human Resources we can build a recruiting app that would provide position creation, approvals, assigning and maintaining details of candidates for various stages of interviews.

We can also enable 3rd party Apps to integrate or communicate with Salesforce apps. Doing this type of integration can greatly improve the user experience.

Salesforce Developers

Our Salesforce Developers can also create UX/UI’s that are tailored to fit your business, matching the good habits of your employees while mitigating and changing the bad.

Our Salesforce developers have over 10 years of experience, and have a transparent work process that keeps you fully aware of the status of your project - and the ability to correct itscourse at anytime.

We do complete development for frontend and backend including design, and iterative testing. Our programmers are the best and we guarantee our work to be bug free for twice as long as our competitors.