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Mobile app development refers to the process by which programmers create mobile apps for iPhones, Androids and other SmartPhones. These applications fall into many categories, from Gaming apps to Multimedia apps. Many mobile apps overlap multiple categories at once.

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Average Pricing

$5000 per platform (iOS or Android)

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Java, SDK/APIs, Objective C, Swift

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Average Delivery Timeline

30 Days

Mobile App Development Company

What Can SDI do for You?

As a Mobile Development company, we know how to make apps that bring your business into the modern world.

While the digital age has changed the way a business runs, there is one thing that remains true: only products that provide value to users make money for owners. So, we approach app making from the user's perspective - how can we make an app that people will use? What can we do to get people talking about your app and your brand? What will make an engaging, effective app that will make money?

Get started on your app idea now with help from experienced app makers at SDI!

We offer affordable mobile app solutions for entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations of all sizes.

  • We sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement, keeping your idea secure and safe from the competition.
  • We offer full development services, including Monetization Strategies, Venture Funding Presentations, Marketing, and, of course, programming and coding. We are a Startup-Solutions business, for all entrepreneurial digital needs.
  • We go through an iterative wireframe design phase to craft a stunning User Interface based off the needs of the user.
  • Quality Assurance testing is conducted throughout the app development cycle, not just at the end.
  • Upon project completion, all source codes and project documents are 100% yours.
  • We keep the cost of mobile app development low through a hybrid offshore/onshore development and management structure.
Mobile Application Design
Mobile App Developers

Mobile Business - The Business Model of the Future

SDI focuses on optimizing the UX through elegant mobile application design and intuitive functionality. Our app developers in India ensure that users can accomplish their goals quickly, keeping your customer constantly engaged and improving brand awareness.

Our develop, design and marketing experts focus on smart solutions for entrepreneurs, SMBs and Startups across all industries. We make business mobile; from apps to mobile software, we can prepare your business for the future.

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