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The Mobile age has introduced a lot of interesting challenges when it comes to software deployment, security and device management.

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The solution: a Corporate App Store

With a corporate app store, you'll have a one-stop shop for distributing apps to employees, approving apps, managing employee permissions and access, monitoring usage, and more. If you've built one or more custom apps for employee use, a corporate app store will ensure quick deployment to every employee and every device without any need for intervention from tech support.

Keep your IT Happy, Keep Employees Connected

Security is always a concern when dealing with mobile devices, where mismanagement of apps can lead to costly errors and security breaches. A corporate app store gives you complete control over how you distribute and manage software for your employees. If you have high security needs, your IT team can evaluate apps for safety before permitting access, eliminating many of the potential security problems which can arise from indiscriminate app downloads.

Our enterprise solutions are ideal for any kind of mobile device management. BYOD environments benefit from the central access to company resources, while more tightly controlled device management systems can restrict app use to a tightly curated pool of approved apps.

For more info on creating and managing a Corporate App Store, Contact our Enterprise Mobility Experts.

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