Why SDI Provides the Best Mobile App Development Services

We have done mobile programming for a wide range of devices and platforms.
We are a leading mobile app development company, and our apps are used repeatedly. We excel in building top-performing native, cross-platform,
and progressive web applications with unique value propositions for a competitive market.
Our custom-created machine learning algorithms analyze usage and generate insights. These insights drive on-the-fly improvements, further
boosting usage and revenue growth.
iPhone App Development Company

iPhone App Development Services

We are Silicon Valley's top-rated iOS application development company, crafting unique mobile experiences for iOS devices, wearables, and IoT solutions. We employ an optimal blend of technologies, including Swift, CoreML, microservices, lightweight databases, and robust cloud infrastructure, to create engaging and user-friendly apps.

As a seasoned full-stack iPhone app development company, we take pride in our extensive track record of launching numerous native iOS applications that have achieved tremendous success. Whether you are a new startup or a prominent enterprise we can create bespoke development services that cater your your business objectives.

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Android App Development Services

As an Android development company, we are committed to ensuring scalability and possess comprehensive expertise in all aspects of Android app development. Our senior Android app developers will craft a strategy tailored to your specific needs.

Our Android development offerings encompass the creation of customized mobile applications, the development of mobile SDKs and utilities, and seamless integration of these applications with back-end web services and corporate systems. We utilize a range of technologies, including Kotlin, Java, ML Kit, Microservices, and Cloud. With a portfolio of over 1,200 apps, we've successfully launched them on Google Play Store and Enterprise App Stores worldwide.

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Android App Development
Android App development

Android App Development

Building apps for Android phones requires a thorough understanding of the mind numbing number of Android devices and equally mind boggling number of Android OS variants.

Our Android App Developers create a build strategy that takes into account your intended audience location, popular device brands in that area, maturity level, age group, and overall success vision. Then we build using Kotlin, Java, MLkit, Microservices, and the Cloud. The results are nothing less than impressive and a testament to over 1200 apps that we have launched on the Google play store and Enterprise App stores worldwide.

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Industries Served

We provide mobile app development services for almost every kind of business across various industries.

Need help deciding on the type of application development you require?

Should you build your app using Native SDK’s or Hybrid technologies?

Hybrid apps or Web technology-based apps have come a long way, especially with Facebook’s React Native. RN is a great tool for building single platform-based apps for iOS and Android. This will also help save on costs and development timelines especially if you want to get to market fast.

In the Long run, though Native apps will perform faster, better and take advantage of the ever-increasing power and features of iPhones and Android phones. So if your budget permits, then choose Native SDKs.

Do I need a Website for my App?

This is an important question and the simple answer is Yes. Even though your business may primarily be run on the app, a website is needed for many functions like getting an app approved, providing information about your company, sharing information, and in many cases an Admin Portal to manage user data and to review app performance.

Should I hire local or offshore development teams?

The best solution would be to hire a local company in a tech-savvy city (Silicon Valley, Austin, London,etc) where ample technology expertise is available. This can be expensive though. So choose a Silicon Valley mobile app development company that has local Project Managers and UX experts who understand the market and U.S enforceable contracts to protect your IP, with offshore development offices. This will ensure that you never have to deal with headaches that come with language barriers, time zones, and inexperience but will still receive the lowest cost possible - i.e the best of both worlds.

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