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iOS: Where Innovation Begins

iPhone App Development is how iOS developers create mobile apps for the iPhone. These apps are generally written in one of
two programming languages: Objective C or Swift. iPhone apps will only function on an iOS supported device.

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30 Days

iPhone App Development California

We are Silicon Valley's Top rated iPhone app design and development company, building robust app solutions that turn your ideas into profitable iOS apps. The apps we develop are engaging and easy to use, ensuring your customers will return time and again, increasing the stick factor.

As an iPhone App development company, we know how to make plans that integrate marketing and design into one overarching successful strategy. We design our apps to take advantage of industry marketing practices such as App Store Optimization and Search Engine Optimization to increase your brand's web presence - and to generate a hefty revenue.

Our Stylish UI design processes combine needs, vision and expertise to create Apps that are loved. Starting with storyboards and wireframes, we develop the layout and overall experience long before development begins. This helps clarify the design goals and provides a more realistic visualization of the final product.

Moreover, we specialize in a design strategy known as User-Centered Design (UCD). This practice involves learning how a market utilizes apps, services or products and building a Iphone app layout that naturally integrates with the targeted consumers' established habits.

iPhone App Development Company

At SDI, we believe that SMBs and entrepreneurs are the driving force behind innovation and economic development. To encourage growth and enterprise ventures, we keep our iPhone app development costs as low as possible, without degradation in the quality of work.

We accomplish this goal through a hybrid business model that combines the best of off-shore programming without the downsides. Our costs are kept low through the use of a development team based in India, but our management team is based locally and is recruited from the best tech companies in Silicon Valley - WebEx, Cisco, and even Apple itself.

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