Car Apps for Android and iPhone can provide new, useful services to commuters, but it takes an experienced app developer to know how to capitalize on these possibilities. The concept of an in-car app comes with unique challenges for networking and safety which SDI is well equipped to handle.

Our car app developers know how to make proper use of screen real estate to improve safety without decreasing features. We know how to create a clear path towards not just a profit, but a profit that is sustainable for years to come. We don’t just build apps for a modern audience - we build apps for a future audience.

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For instance, traditional UX designs aren’t always suitable for in-car use, where users cannot take the time to study a compact visual UI. The best way to optimize safety & ease-of-use is to create a voice-activated interface which facilitates hands-free operation. Additionally, the Heads-up Display (HUD) of a Car App needs to be both minimized and maximized.

It needs to be minimized in terms of what is offered (i.e. only necessary features). Meanwhile. buttons and other navigation tools need to be maximized. SDI is an experienced App Development partner & we can provide the expertise you need to create a fantastic car app.