Powerful Apps and Websites Built With Precision

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Saratoga stands on the precipice of the mobile app development world.

With major tech companies like Roku located nearby, and the main campuses of high-tech firms like Apple less than 10 minutes away, it is not surprising that Saratoga is quickly becoming a hot bed for tech innovation and startups.

Silicon Valley App Developers

Currently, mobile users compose nearly 40% of internet traffic!

By 2017, mobile internet traffic will surpass that of desktop. Now is the time to get behind the ball, and to develop an app of your own. Living in Saratoga gives you a leg up on the competition, thanks to readily available access to mobile app developers and to investors.

SDI is one of the top app developers and web designers in Silicon Valley and, conveniently, our main office is located right on Cox Avenue in Saratoga. Being local allows for us to meet with you in person, while the fact that our developers are located in India allows us to keep our overhead low.

5000 apps and websites; 200 developers; 4 offices

For 15 years, SDI has maintained its presence in Saratoga and during that time we have built
over 5000 apps and websites. As an award-winning company, SDI has built and maintained
networks throughout Silicon Valley that provide us with a go-to list of interested investors,
as well as potential collaborators.

Whether you are still trying to figure out how to turn your idea into an app,

if you have an app but need helping getting it to the next level, SDI can help you. With over 200 mobile app experts, we can turn your idea into the next successful mobile app.

Please feel to call us at +1.408.621.8481 ,or
email us team@sdi.la