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Los Angeles represents one of the biggest app markets in the world,

and is a great place for entrepreneurs to hit a stride in the app industry. Los Angeles is a prime location for picking up investors and building hype for your product.

As the new host of the Apps Developers Conference (ADC), Los Angeles is quickly becoming a leading app development market. Developers, designers & entrepreneurs from around the world gather at the ADC to share knowledge and drive the mobile app industry forward.

Los Angeles App Developers

SDI is an industry leading mobile app development firm

that has worked with Los Angeles area entrepreneurs to create brilliant prototypes to entice investors, and to create fully developed apps and websites ready for market deployment.

As the largest city on the west coast, and one of the biggest business centers in the world,

Los Angeles is a massive growth market for app development. As the tech presence in Los Angeles continues to grow, so will the need for tech entrepreneurs. Now is the time to get in on the ground floor!

We have over 200 mobile app and web design industry experts waiting to help you. waiting to help you. Let’s add your idea to the over 4000 successful apps SDI has created.

SDI’s projects have produced numerous popular apps for consumer audiences around the world,

and turned us in to an industry leader. If you have an app idea and want to learn more about how to proceed in turning it into a reality, call us at +1.408.621.8481 or email us