A dedicated programmer is a coder hired either on a freelance/contractual basis, as opposed to one hired on a project basis. Dedicated programmers can be either a freelance coder, or associated with a development company, as is the case with the Silicon Valley-based company, SDI. Dedicated programmers work with the hours you designate or need.

Average Pricing

$20-$30an hour or $2200 a month / programmer


Java, HTML, Objective C, C, C##, Joomla, Laravel, Magento, WordPress

Mobile Website Development

We are available on a fixed cost per month fee structure—a fabulous option to extend your programming teams through our well managed services.

SDI has over 200 programmers and developers in Windows 8, Android SDK, iOS, PHP, ASP.NET, C#, C++, HTML, CSS, & Javascript. We can guarantee a minimum of 175 hours per month of productive work and prompt turnaround time with daily reports through state of the art web-based project management tools.

Our US, UK, & Australia based offices provide project management to ensure clear coordination. Our technical teams can act as a seamless extension of your in-house teams, particularly for larger clients.

SDI's project teams follow industry recommended best practices such as Agile and Scrum methodologies, ensuring the highest coding standards are always followed. Our Dedicated Programmers are available at a fixed cost & can be signed up on a month-to-month contract with no obligations.

Dedicated Developers

Your entire experience with SDI will be smooth sailing from the initial engagement.

All of our contracts are web-based and your orders can be paid securely via bank wires or credit cards. We also take checks or PayPal. Each of our dedicated developers has a minimum of 5 years industry experience with the prefered technologies and institutional training in Engineering.

SDI can custom build your project from the ground up or simply add more skilled persons to your current project. The entire source code for your project will be 100% available to you at all times so you can have a clear picture of the current status. We believe in working together as development partners and helping you in your growth & success.

The flexibility of adding/dropping members of the development team every month gives your managers the freedom to adjust their work output & costs on an as-needed basis. On a daily basis all of our work is pushed to dev servers for easy access by you & your team.

Contact us to discuss your Software Development Idea with our dedicated developer management team.

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What our happy customers say about us

Manhal Mansour

Working with SDI allowed us to express that vision to our consumers.
We found them to abundantly creative and responsive to our needs.

Danielle Degruccio

I am absolutely satisfied with their work. They did a great job, and they are friendly people.