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iPads Are the Future

iPad App Design differs from iPhone app design in several ways. Both can function on most iOS devices and both use the same programming languages, but iPad app development takes advantage of improved processing power and larger screen sizes offered by a tablet screen.

Green rectangle A light green rectangle with rounded corners and a dark green border.

Average Pricing


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SDK/APIs, Objective C, Swift

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Average Delivery Timeline

45 Days

iPad App Development Company

The increased real estate and superior graphic capabilities of the iPad result in a more complete user experience. The iPad gives iOS users a second option with which to utilize your app. Our User Experience professionals create design iPad layouts in order to get your desired look and feel - and to get the highest user satisfaction levels.

iPad apps are especially useful as enterprise and SMB solutions, especially when combined with innovative business SaaS applications. Tablets combine the portability of a mobile phone with the increased power and screen real estate of a desktop. Get your iPad app launched today.

iPad Apps developed by SDI run independently or interface with cloud based web servers. These can run data models, monitoring software and provide complete reports on usage with intensive analytical solutions. An iPad app is one of the modern era´s best tools for business and market growth - if leveraged properly.

When combined with native iPad features such as Retina Display Optimization, In-App purchasing, Social integration & Apple Pay, we provide iPad app development services that drive downloads and raise your brand´s awareness.

iPad App Design

We build iPad app development frameworks based off the industry´s best practices, by development and design team that has the experience, training, dedication to see your project through. Our developers are expert coders in iPad app development languages, from Objective C to Swift.

We offer competitive pricing designed to fit within the budget of entrepreneurs and SMB enterprise ventures. We even can help build demos and presentations for investment meetings - as your tech partner, your success is our success. Our iPad development services range from design and development, to business growth tactics.

An important point to note is that transforming an iPhone app into a iPad is a very simple process, which can help keep iPad app development costs at rock bottom. We have the best resources in developing iPad applications with unwavering passion for quality and integrity. Making successful apps is our bread and butter - we know how to make your project an unqualified success.

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