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Android App Development

Ideas are worthless until you get them out of your head to see what they can do. It starts with thoughts, having a burning ambition to succeed and identifying the right tech partners.

We have built over 500 Android Apps for businesses and entrepreneurs.

Average Pricing - $6000

Average Delivery Time - 40 Days

Custom Android App Development

Custom Android Application Development

Building apps for Android is easy. The tough part is making it work on the mind-boggling number of Android devices. With over 10 years of experience in Android app development, we build Apps that are designed to thrill over 160+ million Android users in the United States.

SDI has a strong team of Android app developers who specialize in creating cutting edge custom android applications that work flawlessly, feel exceptionally natural, and encourage engagement. Android Apps built by us are used everywhere - Villages in Africa, Factories in Asia, Oil Wells in Texas, and in crowded urban cities worldwide.

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Custom Android App Development
Android App for Business

Android App for Business

We have built Android apps that power workforces across a range of connected and comprehensively managed devices. These have included AI, Machine learning, Cloud security, Robotic process automation and smart contextual assistance.

Taking advantage of technical solutions found only on Android, we specialize in building robust unique experiences.

From seamless integration, one management solution for corporate and employee-owned devices and fast loading UI's, we ensure that no detail is overlooked.

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Entertainment App Development Company

Best Android Apps For Entertainment

Android TV is the only solution for companies looking to provide exclusive content to specific markets. These include Faith based organizations, Ethnic channels, Corporate video networks and Training organization.

These apps use layouts that can be easily understood from 10 feet away, provide navigation on a remote button, has Chormecast built in and uses the leanback library for APIs. We build these apps to run exclusively on custom Android set top boxes, streamed from a CDN, tracked for viewership in realtime and are cloud managed.

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Entertainment App Development Company

How to choose the Best Android app development company for building your App


Team Skills - Start by asking what type of team will be available to you. Building a successful Android app requires many different skill sets and the best Android app development company will have all of these resources inhouse - UI / UX designers, Project Managers, Native app developers, AI and ML experts, Quality Testing professionals and Cloud Server Administrators.


Process - Then ask about their process - if its detail oriented. Also check if they are contributing ideas throughout the discussions which will result in a better app. Expertise and experience are evident in conversations which lead to a better overall solution. Proposals, that you receive don't need to include technical jargon but should be richly loaded with proven technical solutions.


Experience - If you have an app or a website and are Not happy with your current provider, then it's also important to ask as to how your experience will be different this time. What will we do specifically to address your concerns and how will we alleviate the pain of the previous experience. A Good App development company can help identify the problems right away and provide clear solutions.


Pricing - Finally, it's important to ask if the proposal includes a complete and fixed price for building everything required by the app i.e Wireframing, Designing, Programming - App, Web & Micro Services, Hosting, Testing and Launch. The best Android App development company will guarantee their work and provide reliable warranty services which covers OS and device updates.

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