Powerful Steps How to Get Your Business Idea Off the Ground

January 5, 2016 | Rob LaPointe

Powerful Steps How to Get your Business Idea Off the Ground in 2016
Powerful Steps How to Get your Business Idea Off the Ground in 2016

It’s a brand new year and the world is ripe for a new idea – your idea! We’re moving towards an increasingly technological society; a society ruled by software, apps and websites. So, do you think you have a great 2017 online business idea waiting for the perfect time? Good news – the time is now! Let’s talk about the startup tips you need to get your entrepreneurial project rolling.


No business succeeds based on the efforts of a single person. There maybe one single person who is far more responsible for the success of failure of a venture, but running a business is still a group effort. Even a business as small as owning a hot dog stand: sure the owner of the stand is probably the only employee, but who built the stand?

To sum up, we all need a little help sometimes. You may have a great idea for an app, but we have the expertise to make your dream into a reality. Of course, anyone can claim to be the perfect partner, but why should you choose SDI? Because SDI has the low pricing and expertise you need.

App Development

SDI has been building apps for as long as apps have been along. We know how to leverage Android’s mammoth market (nearly 75% of all smartphone users in the US are on Android!) and we know how to make iOS apps that rake in the dough. For as little as $2,000, we can get your app launched in under two months. We even offer post-launch user acquisition services (starting at $800) to help get the downloads you need.

SDI has received numerous accolades in both the U.S. and India for the apps we have created. We’ve worked with companies from PepsiCo in Australia to Stanford University, right down the street from our main Silicon Valley office. We specialize in apps for entrepreneurs but we have built products throughout the industry.

Website Design and Development

Over 17 years ago, SDI was formed with the express intention to make websites. Our team of 200+ PHP and .NET programmers are required to have at least a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university. Additionally, we only hire programmers with five years of experience and all staff is required to keep abreast of industry standards. With management staff from Apple, Cisco and WebEx, you would be hard pressed to find a better development partner!

We specialize in websites for SMB, but we’ve built websites for bloggers, for mammoth corporations like Louis Vuitton, for eCommerce and for everything in between. For $800 per website (or $20 per hour!), we can redesign or build a whole new website from scratch in a few short months. Get in touch now to take care of our current offer: one free year of site hosting.

Custom Software

SDI has been creating enterprise solutions in the form of custom software for decades. SaaS and PaaS programs are a great way to build a service business (or to compliment an existing business), but custom software in general is an excellent option for any business, at any size.

We build everything from corporate app stores to multinational ERP business solutions. You can hire SDI on a by project basis, or you can take advantage of our dedicated developers on an hourly basis for less than $15 an hour.

Venture Capital and Beyond!

Okay, so we’ve shown why SDI is the right pick from a technical expertise, but success in the tech world is about more than just excellent design and development. Two other major parts that lead to a winning business: Venture Funding and User Acquisition.

Venture Funding

Venture funding is an excellent way to drum up some cash and it makes a great selling point to get other people involved in your project. Additionally, it can help ease the costs of ramping up and streamline growth. Unfortunately, finding the right investors and creating the perfect pitch can be extremely challenging.

Fortunately for our readers, SDI’s CEO (along with the rest of our corporate staff) have contacts throughout Silicon Valley. We frequently help our clients connect with Angel investors and venture capitalist firms. We can even provide guidance and help to design the perfect pitch to wow potential investors.

Marketing and User Acquisition

This is a vital aspect to any successful venture, but is especially essential app and websites. The modern world is a world of Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and no project succeeds without extensive investment in one or both of these two areas.

SEO is how a search engine, like Google, reads your page. In other words, if you want Google to recognize your site and to drive traffic to your site or app instead of competitors, you need SEO. All projects need some level of SEO and the more you have, the better.

SMM is probably the absolute best way to acquire users for your business idea. SDI has a full-time marketing staff that just handles SEO and SMM – yep it’s that important. If you want your project to make your oodles of cash, SMM is a necessary step on the path.

Software Developers India is a premium app, website and software development company based in Silicon Valley. All projects are managed out of our Bay Area office. Our highly talented team is up to date on the latest in tech, software and project management tools. By managing all projects locally, we clear lines of communications with our clients, circumventing common issues with outsourced projects.

Give us a call at 408.805.0495 or email us directly at team@sdi.la to get your project off the ground – get 40% off your first project right away.

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