Custom Website Development VS Platforms for SMBs: The Verdict

July 11, 2016 | Raj Srivastav

As a website development company, clients are often curious as to the benefits of custom website development, especially over readymade frameworks like WordPress or Magento. So what’s the answer? Which is superior, which will help your business grow and thrive?

The answer for startups and SMBs is simple: Both.

Just like a military general, an entrepreneur has to carefully way many options in order to achieve the best possible result. And, as any entrepreneur will tell you, no single strategy will win the war.

Over the years, our website development team has come to realize that the SMBs and Startups we typically serve do best with a mixed-strategy approach. Custom coding is an excellent way to create a really unique and distinct online presence.

However, it’s also a good way to see development timeframes doubled, website development costs increased, and coding errors rise. This last issue especially can be mitigated by an excellent development team, but the truth is that these are all things an entrepreneur must consider.

The good news for SMBs is that website development frameworks in 2016 are far superior to their earlier counterparts. Magento, WordPress, Laravel – they’re all excellent frameworks with superior programming and excellent designs.

Even better – all of these frameworks can be edited, changed, and customized to fit your business’ specific needs. At SDI, we combine our custom website development services with open source frameworks. The result? Custom websites built rapidly, for an exceptionally fair price.

So let’s make the case: why is a mixed-tactic approach the best move for SMBs, Startups, and Entrepreneurs. Already convinced that this is the path for you? Wonderful! Contact us now to get started!

Time Requirements

With Magento, our developers can build you an eCommerce site in 2 business weeks. Yep – you read that correctly. 10 days and you could have your own Amazon-style website up and running flawlessly.

eCommerce not your thing? Maybe you’re looking to develop your online presence as a world-class chef. Well first, we can help you build an app that will really help build your brand! But, we can also use the Content Management System (CMS) WordPress to build you a blogging website. In 24 hours.

Furthermore, through the use of WordPress Plugins, you can easily grow your website to match the growth your company will experience. But a common concern for website owners (and a legitimate one) is that a framework will result in “cookie-cutter” websites.

These identical bland websites are a great option for a simple website not designed for business purposes. But research today shows that modern consumers want unique experiences. They don’t want every website to look the same.

Custom websites counteract that issue but also can take much, much longer to complete. Fortunately for our purposes, a good development team can customize framework plugins. This creates a unique website built off an established framework. No fuss, no muss!

Custom Website Development Costs

Unless you have a large development budget at your fingertips, the costs of custom website development can be prohibitive. Don’t get me wrong, a custom website is great and our developers love playing around in an open sandbox, but our clients tend to be SMBs, entrepreneurs and Startups.

In other words, our clients need more financially sensible options – without degradation in quality, service, or overall business. That’s where a website framework can help cut costs:

♦ Cheaper concept-to-launch timelines;

♦ Less time spent on testing and bug-repair; and

♦ Fewer development resources required.

Additionally, SDI’s framework and custom-coding hybrid approach make sustainable growth exceptionally simple. With framework plugins and a few custom tweaks, you can go from a blogging website to an eCommerce site in the blink of the eye!

SDI has a unique pricing structure as compared to other software, app and website development companies. We combine the cost-effectiveness of web developers in India, with the project efficiency of local management.

This dual-structured approach helps us land clients as big as Pepsi-Co and as local as Blush Make-Up College of San Francisco. With SDI’s development services, you get excellent products for a fair price.

Bug-Free Development

Mistakes happen. That’s a fact of life. It’s the reason why SDI’s app and website development process is so rigorous. We’ve seen far too many great app ideas fail because somebody went with a shoddy development company!

But even with our excellently trained team, errors occur. This fact is especially true in custom website development projects. While our team weeds out the issues long before we go to launch, it does take time.

Why are errors more common in custom development? Well, you’re the coding requirements are far more extensive. With a framework, you’ve already got the foundation built and plenty of features can be easily added with readymade plugins. Write some custom lines of code and you’ve got yourself a killer website.

These frameworks have been used by thousands and thousands of people many more times than I can imagine. That’s a level of testing impossible with a custom website. So, again – Custom + Readymade wins over sole reliance upon either method.

Just as a side note – while errors happen, our developers are the best in the biz. We’re so confident that by the time your website is launched we guarantee a completely bug-free product – and we’ll fix any errors for 6 months after launch. On us. That’s twice the industry standard.

Your Website Development Company

SDI has built thousands of websites in every industry available. Whether you want to develop a website from the ground up, use a framework, or some combination of the two, we can help. From design to development, and even to marketing – SDI helps turn your company into a success.

Call 408.802.2881 / 48.621.8481 or contact us here to get started on your website immediately.

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