3 Best App Ideas for LGBT Pride

July 14, 2015 | Rob LaPointe

3 Best App Ideas for LGBT Pride
3 Best App Ideas for LGBT Pride

Just a few days ago, the US Supreme Court ruled that bans on same-sex marriage are unconstitutional, striking down laws in 13 different states. Across the nation, millions of Americans rushed to courthouses to tie the knot and millions more celebrated the huge win for civil rights.

The struggle for equality still continues and the LGBT community is still one of the most oppressed groups of people in the United States. Groups out there such as PFLAG and the It Gets Better campaign are making big strides in the struggle for equality. But, there is still a lot to be done and not just with the LGBT community.

For most people, there is only so much one can do. However, the world is becoming more connected through technological innovations like mobile apps. Apps are an excellent tool for connecting geographically disparate groups, for providing a support network, and for meeting new people and dating. Apps can even be used to conduct large-scale studies, and educate people on STDs and other health issues.

How can you show your support to the LGBT community? Well, here are 3 great ideas waiting to be turned into mobile apps. Whether you’re a large business who would like to do something like Uber’s Ride With Pride, or an entrepreneur with a little extra cash, a mobile app is an inexpensive but concrete way of showing support.

1. Apps that Provide Support

Many communities are in great need of support networks, especially when it comes to teens and adolescents. Bullying is still rampant in our schools and is hurting too many of our teens. The good news is that there are support networks out there, and campaigns aimed at helping endangered teens (again, It Gets Better).

The bad news is that it is hard for troubled teens to discover and get help from the existing support networks. An app that can inform subscribers of support networks in their area could help save lives. No matter what, it’s a safe way for teens to reach out to the larger community. This type of app is also easily scalable to something that can provide health education and information on local clinics that provide support.

This is the type of app that is immediately helpful, and easy for app makers to build well and quickly. SDI is a top mobile app development company and we can have this app out to you 4-6 weeks. Contact us today and let’s get started.

2. Apps that Connect Communities

A popular app trend these days are apps that arrange “meet-ups” for like-minded people looking to make friends. An app that focuses on bringing a local community together could be a big hit. It could not only connect local interest groups, but it can also inform subscribers of local events, meetups, and friendly businesses. Popular Android apps are bringing like-minded individuals together and build a large community.

Even better, a meet-up app is also the perfect tool to organize events. The same app that informs subscribers of upcoming news, can be used to find volunteers or even ideas for other events. For instance, if you want to organize an event that shows independent cinema and art, the app can be used to find a venue, organize help, fine art and inform subscribers of the relevant details.

As a Silicon Valley app making company, SDI excels at constructing just this type of app. Get in touch with our Android and iOS app experts today to develop your app!

3. Social Networking and Dating

We all know how difficult dating can be. And, we all know how many dating apps and websites are out there. Some, such as OkCupid, is quite successful as dating apps, but others, like Grindr, are less about dating and more about “hooking up.”

What many of these apps are missing is an integration with a social network – and I don’t mean Facebook. Many people feel like they need to censor themselves on Facebook and other public social networks. This is especially true in the case of LGBT individuals who aren’t publically out to family or friends.

Dedicated social networks are a growing trend and is a great option for many people. A well-designed social network app can provide a safe place for people to talk about whatever they choose, without the fear of being judged. It can be used as a place to meet friends or even find dates, all as Facebook does. If you are thinking on lines of a website and how to develop a community, check out: how to build a social media website.

This can also be used as a scaled-up version of the second idea (Apps for Communities). Apps frequently lack sustainability, so having a long-term game plan is essential to a successful app. If you start with an app to connect communities act as a community posting board, you could easily transition into a social network for interested parties. One of the issues with many dedicated social networks is that they struggle to find subscribers; starting small and building into a network is a great way to bypass this problem.

It is a historic and pivotal moment for equal rights in general. The progression of our nation is clearly pointing towards acceptance and equality for all Americans, not just cisgendered citizens. A long road still lies ahead of us, and while the tech world is very inclusive of all individuals, there is still much technology can be done to support oppressed and endangered communities everywhere.

At SDI, we believe that all people deserved to be treated equally and our favorite projects are ones that change the world. If you have an idea that you would like to turn into an app, whether it’s one of the ideas mentioned here or something else, give us a call at 408.882.2885, or get in touch via email. We offer a free consultation and free quote and guarantee your privacy, so there is no risk for you. Contact us now to get started on your mobile app!

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