Top 10 iPhone Apps for 2018

February 13, 2018 | Rob LaPointe

Every year there are so many new apps in the marketplace it can be hard to figure which are the best ones to have because obviously, we can’t download them all. Of course, people’s opinions on which they like most varies from person to person. To make it quick and simple we’re going to go through our list of the top 10 iPhone apps and why each one can benefit your life. If you are an Android user don’t worry we provided our Android list here.

#10: Sky Guide AR

You can explore the sky and what is out there by simply pointing your phone’s camera toward the sky and moving it around. The way space is presented to you is like no other app out there. The best part is that it uses Augmented Reality to project everything making it the most memorable stargazing experience. The app is only $2.99 so it’s not bad on the pocketbook.

#9: GarageBand

This is a really great app for those who want to create and record their music. Beginners can learn the ins and outs of being a musician as it helps get you familiar with playing. Those who are advanced can actually connect this app to others and professionally record and arrange tracks. It really is the best of both worlds. Even better is it’s a free app.

#8: Fitbit

This truly is an amazing fitness app. They have done an amazing job at not only tracking your individual fitness but making it fun and easy to get fit with your friends. Competing with friends for fitness makes it way more fun. Some apps are cumbersome when it comes to entering info in but Fitbit does a pretty good job at simplifying it. This app is also free to download.

#7: Plotagraph+

This is a photo editing app, however, it is a little different. With this app, you can actually animate your images. Although there are other image editing apps, this one lets you take 1 single image (rather than having to use multiple images) and tap on the places you want to move and the places you don’t. It works best with scenic type photos but it is definitely something fun to bring to your photos. It will cost you $4.99 but if you want to step up your photo animation game, this will definitely help.

#6: Moji Maker

Emoji’s are everyone. We all love to use them, whether we admit it or not. I’m sure most go through the available emojis and say I wish there was one that had this type of expression. Well, now you can easily create your own with this app. It starts you off with a blank template and you can build whatever expressions you would like and save them. With the popularity of emojis there is no way we could leave this one out of the list. It is $1.99 which isn’t too bad considering you have more freedom in creating the expressions yourself. The best part is you can integrate with your keyboard.

#5: Spotify

Spotify is not a new app. Most people have been using it for years. The reason it is on this list is because it still tops the list for listening to music. There are many streaming services out there that are also popular, but this one still takes the cake. Its User Interface and User Experience really makes it easy to navigate and listen to the music you really want. It’s also free to download.

#4: Coffee Meets Bagel

This is a somewhat newer dating app but is quickly becoming a favorite. There are so many dating apps, most of which is a picture and quick bio. This app also allows users to view a video so they can get an idea of who the person is rather than just basing it on looks. You are also only sent a fixed number of matches per day of people who have liked you. Men can’t reach out directly, they can only like someone, then the woman gets to choose and reaches out. It’s a free app so it’s definitely worth a try to see if you like it.

#3: Duolingo

This is another app that has been on the market for quite some time. It ranks at the top for language apps. It’s sleek interface and ease of use when trying to learn a new language makes this our top choice. The only downfall is they are somewhat limited on the number languages they offer. However, they do an amazing job at teaching you the languages they do have so it makes up for it. It’s a free app which is great because learning a language can have a hefty price tag to it.

#2: Snapseed

If you haven’t heard of this app, you are missing out. As far as photo editing apps go, this is definitely on top. There are numerous photo editors most of which are just ok. You can do some cool filters, frames, and collages, but Snapseed goes way beyond that. The amount of options you have for editing a photo is almost endless. You can remove almost any blemish, even people in the background of a photo. While many extensive photo apps cost you money, Snapseed doesn’t. It is definitely the superior free photo editing app.

#1: Netflix

This list really wouldn’t be complete without this giant. They have done a great job with their app making it very simple to watch what you want when you want. Their greatest feature is being able to download items to your mobile device so you can watch without the use of data or wi-fi. If you are on a plane or at a place where you can’t access data or wi-fi you can still watch what you have downloaded. Of course, you still have access to all your shows and movies to watch through data or wi-fi. Do note that the app is free but you need to sign up for a monthly subscription plan to access all the content. They do offer a free month trial first so you can check everything out.

There are many apps we love that aren’t on this list, but to list them all would take forever. These are the ones that will truly entertain and help your daily life in today’s world. Even though there are so many out there, we always want more. If you are interested in creating an app for your own contact the team at SDI to talk call us on 408.805.0495 or email about your app development needs.

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