Top 10 Android Apps for 2018

January 30, 2018 | Rob LaPointe

Whether you are an iPhone or Android user, we all have gotten used to having apps on our phones to help with our daily needs and more. Sometimes you look and there are so many options out there, it’s hard to figure out which would work best for you. There are of course many great apps that are really popular on both iOS and Android. You can look at the top iPhone apps list to find ones that are also great for Android.

Without further ado, here is our list of the Top 10 Android apps you should be using in 2018:

#10 1Weather

I know what you’re probably thinking, “A weather app, c’mon”. However, this particular one goes above and beyond the others and is free. It’s designed incredibly well to make it easy to see the forecast for over 10 weeks. It is a really simple, sleek design making it the best one to use.

#9 Life Hacks

The name really says it all. This app gives you the ability to take any part of your life and see how to make it easier. You can simply choose from a list of categories and then the app provides all the hacks that match that category. Within seconds you can learn all sorts of tips and tricks for life. This is a unique little app but it is definitely worth the free download.

#8 WeDJ

You may have heard of this as it has been around a while but recently it became available on Android. Put your DJ skills to the test with this fun app that gives you a bunch of amazing features to edit and line up songs for a real DJ experience. There is definitely a learning curve so people who already have an idea how to DJ will really enjoy this post.

#7 Komoot

If you are into fitness and/or the outdoors this is an app you will really enjoy. The app will ask for a little information and then it will create a route for you to take out in nature. This app goes beyond just a simple mapping tool. It really lets you explore amazing places and even points out specific things you should check out. It truly is one of a kind and has so many great features for your adventure needs.

#6 Google Drive

This is certainly a big gun in the world of technology. If you have Android chances are you are primarily using Google products for many things. It is perfect for storing all your docs, spreadsheets, pictures, slideshows, and much more. It really has everything you want for the business and personal. There really is no other app like it.

#5 Replika

Ok, this app is definitely one of the coolest and creepiest. This is a true AI app that seems to have a real personality. You basically just start chatting with the app, which then responds and starts asking you questions. After a little back and forth you can start having a real conversation and the app can actually discuss anything like a real person. It’s not perfect, but it’s it is free and certainly one of the cooler apps out there.

#4 Tubio

Casting to your tv has become normal nowadays. However, there is always some kind of issue with different devices, especially when trying to do it from the phone. Tubio makes it really easy to cast from your phone onto any device like Chromecast and your smart tv. It’s a great option when you really want to cast from your phone without the hassle of trying to set something up and it not works.

#3 Rabbit – Watch Together

This app tops our list for entertainment. Netflix is the giant of course, but what Rabbit does is give users the ability to watch something together no matter where people are at, and you can all chat together about what you are watching. It is definitely an entertainment app that also allows you to discuss in a quick and seamless way.

#2 TouchRetouch

Pictures are “it” nowadays. Everyone wants to post their pictures in various places but only if it looks perfect. The editing tools on this app go beyond any others out there. You can remove unwanted people, get rid of a pimple on your face, fix to color, and much more. Because there are so many rich features it takes a bit to figure everything out, but once you do you will never stop using it.

#1 ADW Launcher 2

This is the ultimate app to customize your phone. There are so many of these Android apps but this one has it all in 1. You can customize icons, apps that appear on the screen, the app drawer, and many other items on your device. The animation tools are vast making it easier than ever to create a unique experience and way of launching apps and other items.

There are many mobile apps out there that we could add here, but these should help get your new year started off right. If you have an app idea you think could make the list of top apps then contact SDI, Call on 408.802.2885 or email to get your app development started.

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