The Best Apps for College Admissions

April 22, 2016 | Raj Srivastav

Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and high school seniors are anxiously wringing their hands and chewing their fingernails to the quick. That’s right folks, it’s spring, which means that college applications are due in just a few weeks. Tech and education have a long history of overlapping, but EdTech is still underdeveloped for college students. That being said, there are plenty of great apps out there to help.

With the majority of applications nationwide due by May 1st, we thought we’d go over the top apps for soon-to-be college students.

Apps for Getting into College

1. Naviance

Naviance is a well-known college prep software company that has recently made the switch to the mobile app world. Naviance helps aspiring college students research different colleges, finding the one that best suits their own personality. Naviance goes a step further and even creates reminders to let students know of important document due dates and other important information. Finally, the information the Naviance app saves is accessible to users across all Naviance platforms from any device

2. Quad2Quad

One of the most important parts to getting into a college are the dreaded college trips. Visiting the campuses of your top choices is incredibly important in order to find the right fit for you, but it’s also trying and is often hard on a family. Quad2Quad collects and maintains information for dozens of colleges across the U.S. All of the relevant details you need to make the right decision all in a single app. Even better, it works on the go, providing info on the college you’re currently visiting.


Unfortunately, the majority of upcoming college students can’t afford the steep prices of admission themselves. The good news is that there is a thriving student financial aid industry, from government grants and loans to private companies such as Sallie Mae. FAFSA is the government agency that handles government student loans, and now there’s an app for it! This app lets hopeful students fill out a single application for many loans and grants, plus lets you apply the application to any college accepting government loans.

4. College Confidential

This app is a little different from the previous three because it’s not a direct service; it doesn’t connect you to colleges, or provide an application server. Instead, it’s more of a Quora-style question and answers database – but all about colleges. Users can search through the millions of posts, through more than 700 forums – or they can connect directly to other users for a private discussion. This app is good for current students, incoming students, and even parents of students. If you have a question about college life, this the app you need.

5. SAT Question of the Day

This app is more helpful for Juniors looking to take the SATs next year, but since SAT and/or ACT test prep is necessary to get into most colleges (and test preparation skills are exceptionally useful in the gruelling world of Collegiate Academia), we thought we add an app for SAT to this list. The SAT Question of the Day was made by the College Board, so you can trust the app to ask good questions with useful answers – as well as the explanation to the answer. This great app quizzes students daily with an actual SAT question, preparing them for the actual test.

6. Admissions Essay Writing Course

It’s probably safe to say that the most terrifying part of applying to a college is the essay. The question of how to make your essay stand apart from the hundreds to thousands of other essays most colleges receive annually. This isn’t a database of pre-written essays (not that those aren’t helpful as a reference point); it’s a full-fledged writing service. It teaches high school students how to write a compelling, error-free essay that will capture the attention of the Admissions Board. Plus, the app offers editing services – for free!

Essay and Study Help Apps

While getting into college is one thing, staying in college is another thing entirely. Let’s take a look at some useful EdTech apps for college students.

1. StudyBlue

While the name brings up ominous images of studying until you pass out from oxygen, this app actually helps prevent that. It offers customizable online flashcards for quick review, but more importantly, it lets you dive deeper into other subjects you’ve yet to perfect. Even better, you can upload all of your notes from class, putting everything you need in one easily accessible location – your phone.

2. GradeSaver

GradeSaver is an app containing hundreds of excellent study guides across a wide range of common topics and subjects. More importantly, it contains a database of sample college essays so new students can get an idea of the quality of writing expected of them. This is possibly the most useful app we will discuss today – in fact, it’s received numerous accolades from national newspapers and reviewers.

3. RescueTime

For those of us who have issues staying focused on studying, this College student app is great. It keeps track of all you do on your Android or iOS device, showing you just how much time is spent checking email, searching the web, or just playing around. As we all know, college is all about time management – this app helps you learn how to manage it.

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