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October 7, 2020 | Sakshi Sharma

It can be devastating to hear that layoffs are happening within the company you work for. Many who are laid off or furloughed are looking for ways to make side money. It may seem like a difficult task but it’s actually not as complicated as one may think. Of course, it’s not as simple as clicking a couple of buttons and bam you’re making money but still, it’s not difficult either. When it comes down to it, if you really want to make money from home online you can.

The extra amount you make depends on the type of work you choose to do. Whether it’s doing a couple of tasks for someone which makes you a couple of hundred dollars or starting your own online business which could earn you thousands of dollars. No matter what your decision is there are many ways to make money online.

1. Sell items

Let’s face it, most of us have items we haven’t used or even thought about for years. This is the time to post items for sale on places like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, Instagram, Offer Up eBay, letgo, and more. There is definitely no shortage of online platforms to post your items for sale. The best part is the more places you post it, the more likely you are to get it sold. You could also offer to do the work for other people who want to sell items but don’t want to take the time to create the post themselves. You can simply take a small cut of the profit.

2. Create a Podcast and/or blog

Take a subject you know and love to talk about and create a blog and podcast that go hand in hand. You have to find what your niche is and know who you are trying to reach. Earning money isn’t quick and easy for podcasts though. You will need to find sponsors and through them, you can earn quite a bit of income. We’re talking thousands of dollars. Don’t take this lightly though. Creating a blog and a podcast is a lot of work because there is so much that goes into each one. If you want to do this full time then you can become pretty successful at it.

3. Be a Virtual Assistant

This is a really great way to earn supplemental income because you simply complete tasks for people. It can be anything from editing a document to sending emails to people. It’s also an easier way to earn money online as it doesn’t require a lot of work to get into it. As long as you can complete the tasks correctly you can have a pretty good side gig.

4. Sell your services

This is a bit similar to being a virtual assistant but it’s really just advertising something you offer such as doing voiceovers, creating art, interior design, and much more. Think about what you are good at and post on places like Upwork and Fiverr. It’s simple freelance work you are providing. Your services can literally be anything. This is a great way to earn money in a quicker and easier way as well.

5. Create an online company

This is a great way to not only earn money but create your own business becoming your own boss. The area that is growing the most especially with the coronavirus is eCommerce. Building an online business doesn’t have to be as costly and time-consuming as you might think. Of course, there does have to be money and time but it’s not as extreme. Using sales funnels and proper marketing channels can do wonders for an eCommerce business.

You can also create a tutoring website or even post that service on other online platforms as mentioned before. People of all ages are looking for help across all subjects so you can put your expertise to use easily. There are so many home-based business ideas you can choose from but ensure it’s one that you want to do and then spend the time to create a website for it.

6. Become a seller

Your successful online business can easily come from sales. There are a couple of really great ways to do this. First, you can create amazing webinars where you sell other people’s products. As long as you do extensive research on how to properly create a webinar you can definitely earn money online. Once you understand the formula you can find the category that fits your sales capabilities.

The other great option is to help others in their sales process by creating automated sales funnels. You can do this for yourself as well as offer this service to other companies. There are so many options available. If you are familiar with funnels this is definitely something you should look into.

7. Social Media Manager

Oftentimes people need help managing all their social media accounts. You can earn while at home simply by managing other’s social media accounts. Most businesses have many accounts with a lot of things going on but there are plenty who have social accounts but aren’t able to keep up with it. You can help them by creating ads, creating posts, making posts, and answering customer questions. One thing that’s amazing about this is it can be a full-time job. Many companies would be willing to hire someone to do this full time.

8. Write a book

If you have ever thought about writing a book now is the time. Books are way more digital than they used to be. There are websites that allow you to publish a book without a proper publisher. From there if you market it correctly it could eventually make its way to larger sources like Barnes & Noble or Amazon.

While those are some major ideas to make money from home there are many more options out there. All it takes is some solid research time and an understanding of what you are good at and what you enjoy. If you want to learn about other ways to earn online or start your website to build a successful home business then contact our team at SDI. We can walk you through every step of creating an online business from home. Give us a call at +1.408.821.8481 or email us at

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