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March 25, 2020 | Sakshi Sharma

In light of the developing COVID-19 or also known as the “Coronavirus” situation, there is a lot of uncertainty in the lives of many. With colleges across the nation moving their classes online, K-12 schools shuttering doors for the remainder of the school year, and small businesses losing business due to the fear and legal implications of spreading the virus, there is a lot of anxiety at stake.

Granted, there are only so many things that are within one’s control, especially when the intruder to “life as we know it” is, in fact, a virus. Right now, the world’s best health organizations are scrambling to stop the spread of the virus and slow down the effects that it has on individuals.

However, there is not an exact timeline on when life will revert back to how we know it, if at all. This begs the question: So, what is in my control in this situation?

If you are currently a business owner, it is now more important than ever to provide high levels of accessibility to your services and products by having an online presence. As the situation quickly evolves, there is no telling what kind of limitations may need to be put in place in order to stop the spread of the virus.

However, life inside the home doesn’t stop, and that is why your business will still be valued by these customers. Please read further to see how we can help take your small business online.

On the flip side, if you are not a business owner but are interested in knowing how you can be an entrepreneur in this uncertain economy, this still applies to you! In the last week or so, society has learned the importance of working remotely and having that option be available for your future customers. Also, having an online business helps reduce overhead operation costs of having a storefront by providing a service to your customers using an online platform. The online business opportunities are endless.

How does moving your business online apply to certain businesses? Take a look at how some industries can apply the online business model in ways you might not have thought of in order to have a profitable online business.


In the midst of this situation, restaurants are considered an essential business. Unfortunately, restaurants in California are only able to fulfill takeout orders at the moment. Of course, you can bring your menu to major online delivery services that currently exist, such as Doordash or UberEats. However, these services cut into your overall profits since it must be paid to the service provider for fulfilling your orders.

In an uncertain economy where every dollar counts, it may be more appealing to be in control of your own delivery services while also maximizing your profits. We are able to help you create a website for your small business that will help you connect to your customers and manage your orders. Our restaurant website design team has very high levels of experience and will guide you through this project from start to finish.

Laundry Services

For those who are immunocompromised, it may be incredibly risky for them to go and use laundry facilities, something that we do every week or two but can easily forget is crucial in a time of crisis, until you have finally run out of clean clothes. A delivery service can be implemented for your business in order for you to continue to generate revenue and help those who are most vulnerable to the illness so they don’t need to leave the house for this essential task. This way, you are able to connect your business directly to your customers and continue to help out by providing clean clothes to your clients.


Not all of the business that is considered essential right now are customer-facing businesses. For instance, manufacturing, shipping, and warehouse operations are still crucial support systems during these times. With the enforcement of social distancing, it is more important than ever for employees to stay within a safe distance from each other, limit their presence at the workplace, yet ensure that communication is still accurate. We can design an app for your business to use in order to support your internal operations.


Gyms are considered a hotspot for the spread of the virus. Unfortunately, in California, this led to the shutdown of many gyms, a crucial part of many people’s daily routine. If you own a gym, you can still take your small business online. For instance, those who have recurring appointments with personal trainers can have the option to do at-home workouts and have their trainer there to guide them via video call, which is great for staying healthy and keeping one’s motivation up. This will also help your business by being able to retain loyal customers during your gym’s closure.

This is a time where all business owners and entrepreneurs have to be extraordinarily creative with their business models. At the same time, with everyday life-changing overnight, you may have to become a teacher to your children, and a dining table which was once used for daily gatherings has now become a work desk for everyone, it can be difficult to focus.

This is a great time to contact our team at SDI and allow us to help you bring your business online so that you can focus on things that matter during these times. It is still possible to have a successful local business. We understand that it is crucial to urgently complete this process from start to finish, so we aim to complete your project within 7-10 business days. We will make your website appealing in order for you to serve your customer base. There are vast benefits to taking your business online.

We pride ourselves on providing a personalized process with our clients through all stages of app development and success. SDI is an established web development company that has worked with prominent clients such as Pepsi, Benefit Cosmetics, and Marvell. However, our experience isn’t only confined to large businesses. We have served over 4,000 businesses and helped our customers transform the way they conduct business. With our track record of successful online businesses, you can trust us to transform the way you access your customers.

We have expert team members who are well equipped to execute ideas and handle tasks of all magnitudes. Don’t hesitate to call at +1.408.621.8481 or email us and we will execute a non-disclosure agreement to protect your great idea and a free consultation.

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