Launch a Video Medical Consulting App for Your Patients Quickly

April 6, 2020 | Sakshi Sharma

As changes rapidly occur due to COVID-19, businesses scramble to adjust to the new normal. By now, we are well aware that many counties are enforcing social distancing laws, which limits the number of people within grocery stores, and restaurants have been required to serve their food by takeout-only.

Stories have flooded the media about how hospitals are incredibly crowded, and even during moments like childbirth, families are required to be separated due to the social distancing requirement.

As members of society, we all have a social responsibility to stay home to prevent the virus from spreading. This is where an online medical consultation app can help.

However, we often forget that we need to go to the doctor for regular checkups or specialist consulting until it is time for our appointment reminder. For many, this is a grim reminder that they have to sacrifice theirs or their family’s health in order to do routine visits. No one should have to be put in that position. And in a climate like today, access to health care is incredibly crucial to ensure that hospitals are not overloaded and can prioritize patients who need to be treated.

As a hospital chain or a small private practice, how can you accommodate your patients who rely on you to remain healthy? A solution to this problem is something that we see other industries adapting, which is moving your appointments online and accommodating these patients by having virtual video consultations. There are several ideas we can suggest for you to dive into the telemedicine industry.

An app or website to match patients with doctors

There is still an alarming amount of people who didn’t take their health care seriously until now. For many, the COVID-19 pandemic was a wake-up call to take their health care more seriously. You can create an app which allows future patients to filter through what their health concerns are, and what type of doctor they’re looking for.

Remember, your app will also provide access to patients who have always had health appointments scheduled, but with COVID-19, leaving the house becomes much more difficult for them. Your website or app will essentially be acting as a platform to connect patients to the type of doctors that they need.

Example: Zocdoc

Zocdoc is an incredibly user-friendly website that makes approaching healthcare much easier for individuals. On this website, you can chat with a doctor or nurse, or find an appointment by patient type, location, and insurance carrier/plan. It is all in a one-stop-shop to make accessing healthcare easier for the patient and the provider. As a provider, you can list your practice on this website. This telemedicine app connects doctors to patients. It will benefit your business in numerous ways, such as getting new patients, filling last-minute appointments, strengthening your reputation, and diversifying your payor mix.

Example: Live Health Online

This website allows you to actually schedule appointments with doctors at an affordable price. The doctor’s consultation app is essentially an online doctor’s office, which provides the services for scheduling, seeing the doctor, and paying for the service. They advertise that you can see a doctor 24/7 and in minutes, which allows for a tremendous amount of flexibility. It is a full-service platform, which also makes it convenient for patients at this time.

The pricing model is also appealing to customers. For those without insurance, it is a flat rate of $59. If you have an insurance plan, you have an option to use that and see your individual pricing from their tool. This service also has an allergy, psychology, and psychiatry appointments too.

An app or website for your business to connect with established patients

If you already have a private practice or work for a larger healthcare business, your administrative staff must be in the process of figuring out how to accommodate all of the patient’s needs. We see many businesses conducting their work from home, so why can’t you? Healthcare app developers can have a tricky time due to HIPAA compliance. In order to have a successful app that patients can trust, you must ensure that your connection is private and encrypted. We can help you build an interface that accommodates these needs.

Your new telehealth tool will still be relevant even once the COVID-19 crisis is over. In-person doctors visits are necessary, but not always the most convenient option for patients. For instance, some private practices just have too many patients. There are times where your appointment is required to be booked for more than two weeks in advance.

Accessibility is another issue since not everyone has the capability for reliable transport or the time to allocate for an in-person appointment. The more accessible your health care service is, the more patients you will be able to help. It is time to fix the stigma that online doctor consultations are not as qualified as in-person doctors.

The most common trend we have seen on telehealth services is that patients value transparency. So it is also crucial for you to outline what to expect when scheduling an online doctor’s appointment, and how to pick up any medication that may be prescribed to the patient by the online doctor.

Here at SDI, we pride ourselves on providing a personalized process with our clients through all stages of app development and success. SDI is an established web development company that has worked with prominent clients such as Pepsi, Benefit Cosmetics, and Marvell. However, our experience isn’t only confined to large businesses.

We have served over 4,000 businesses and helped our customers transform the way they conduct business. With our track record of successful online businesses, you can trust us to transform the way you access your customers.

Our team can consult with you and work on making your healthcare options and medical app development more accessible at an affordable cost. The world to opening access to consulting a doctor online can be continued by you! We have expert team members who are well equipped to execute ideas and handle tasks of all magnitudes, with no exceptions to telehealth and video medical app consulting.

Today, more than ever, society has learned the importance of health. Creating a medical app is a solution to help society become more connected to experts that can heal them and identify illnesses quickly to reduce the spread of contagions. Don’t hesitate to call +1.408.621.8481 or email us and we will execute a non-disclosure agreement to protect your great idea and a free consultation.

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