How Much Should I Pay Someone to Maintain My Website or App

June 15, 2017 | Sakshi Sharma

Once you have built your website or app, you may think the hard work is done. However, all websites and apps require maintenance to keep them working well. As people use the mobile app or website you have created, you will discover bugs that need to be addressed or features that need to be added.

Hiring a dedicated programmer for your website or app can help you stay on top of maintenance issues, which can mean offering a better experience for your users.

Why You Need a Dedicated Programmer for Your Website or App

Many people work with a professional programmer to create their app or website, but assume they will be able to handle the maintenance requirements themselves. This assumption can lead to serious technical problems arising and not being addressed properly, which can waste a lot of time for your business and damage your reputation with your app users or website visitors.

Don’t assume that maintaining a website or app is a trivial undertaking; instead, give the task of maintaining your online infrastructure the respect it deserves by hiring a dedicated programmer to handle it for you.

Can’t You Maintain Your Website or App Yourself?

When you don’t have a dedicated programmer in charge of the maintenance of your website or app, you can waste a lot of time chasing down bugs yourself. Even worse, your site may experience unplanned downtime because you neglected its maintenance needs, which can leave your users frustrated and angry. In general, trying to maintain your website or app without a dedicated programmer can be a huge time sink and distract you from the important business decisions you need to focus on.

What Does a Dedicated Programmer Do to Maintain Your Website or App?

A dedicated programmer works continuously to keep your website or app working as well as it can. As well as quickly responding to bug reports from users, a dedicated programmer can also monitor the overall performance of your app.

In this way, you can quickly find out if your app or site is running slowly, which could indicate that the design is too resource-intensive or that you need to upgrade your server. When they are not responding to urgent problems, programmers can also work on implementing new features for your app or website, which could make it easier and more feature-rich for your users to enjoy.

Why Update Your App or Website?

If your app or website works, why should you update it? If your users love your site today, won’t they continue to love it in the future? Unfortunately, failing to update your site or app can quickly lead to it looking dated, which could drive your once-loyal followers away. Failing to offer the latest features on your website or relying on outdated design trends can tarnish the professional image of your brand that you have worked so hard to develop.

Similarly, the app market is changing, which means you need to change what your app can offer to keep up with what the latest generation of mobile users wants and expects. Quality matters in the modern app market; users expect apps to work flawlessly at all times, and they won’t tolerate technical problems for long before they start thinking about switching to one of your competitors.

How to Choose a Programmer to Maintain Your Website or App

Choosing the right programmer for website or app maintenance is essential. Budget for $3000 to $4000 per month for a dedicated programmer or $25/hour on an hourly basis. You need someone who not only has the right technical skills to keep your website or app up to date, but also someone who can communicate clearly with you and your team.

Finally, the programmer you choose to work with must fit into your overall budget. With so many people marketing themselves as programmers online, it can be difficult to know who to choose to manage the maintenance of your website or app.

You need a programmer with experience of working with many different types of apps, as well as someone who is comfortable taking action to quickly address bugs on your website. If you don’t have technical skills yourself, it can be difficult to determine whether a particular programmer has the right qualities to make them suitable for your maintenance needs.

In this case, a good option is to work with a company that manages a global team of programmers, all of whom have been assessed to ensure they have the right skills to take on your project.

Learn More About App and Website Maintenance

To find out more about the basics of app and website maintenance, get in touch with Software Developers India today. Our experts can help you identify the maintenance requirements of your app or website and assist you in finding a programmer who can meet those needs.

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