How To Hire a Programmer For a Startup

September 29, 2021 | Sakshi Sharma

It is very crucial for a startup to hire the right developer. You need to hire the right people for your business to survive in this tech-driven world. The future of any startup depends on how effective its coders are. Building a product is challenging. You need to have the right people to make your brilliant idea into a product.

Benefits of hiring a programmer

Programmers can help you build the structure of your startup and convert your idea into effective solutions. They can create, design, and brand your products. They can help design the right app and website for your business.

A good programmer is highly creative and they can influence the growth of your startup to a very large extent. A dedicated programmer can bring in a lot of value for your startup.

How to hire the right programmer for a startup

Knowing how to hire a programmer for your startup is critical especially if you are a non-technical person.

Here are a few important tips that can help you find the right software developer for your startup.

1. Identify the need

Before hiring a software developer you should be clear about your requirements and what you would like to build. Defining the project clearly will help you in attracting dedicated developers to your startup. Finalize your idea before moving forward with recruitment so that you can look at the right places.

2. Be clear on who you need

Once the need has been clearly defined, you can start looking for the right person. You can choose a full stack developer but it is very difficult for a single person to do all aspects of a job effectively. Software development is hardly a one-person job. Based on your requirements you may have to check out specific types of developers such as frontend developers, backend developers, etc.

3. Look at the right places

This is the main part and also a difficult one for a startup. You need to look into credible sources to identify the right candidate. Linkedin, Facebook, and other social media platforms are some important resources for you to tap into.

You can create an interesting profile and careers page and source talent by networking through contact. You can also use free ads and participate in group discussions to increase your brand’s visibility. Participate in conferences and meetups where you may be able to find your ideal developer.

4. Shortlist candidates properly

Before interviewing the candidates you need to shortlist the candidates as you would have received several resumes. Shortlisting can be done on the basis of their experience, educational qualifications, the organizations they have worked for, and also referrals and recommendations.

5. Qualities to look for in candidates

Ensure that the candidate has both soft and hard skills. Soft skills include communication, punctuality, team player, creativity, problem-solving, learning attitude among others. Hard skills refer to a domain, technical, and other subject-specific knowledge.

Save costs

Being a startup helps to be prudent in matters of costs and budgets. You can check out offshore software developers. There are a lot of advantages such as quality services at lesser costs. There is a huge talent pool available and with different time schedules, you can win more time for other important tasks. You can always get high-quality web developers from countries like India.

How SDI can help you with the right candidates.

If you hire software developers from companies such as SDI, you can be sure of excellent service and value as all our programmers are highly skilled with access to a top-notch code library thus giving your startup a much-needed edge over your competitors.

Here are the steps we follow while putting our dedicated programmers on to your project.

1. Understand your requirements

We take great care in understanding your business requirements so as to offer the best-suited programmer who can add a lot of value.

2. Onboarding

We can make sure that our programmers join your team as smoothly as possible. We can create a schedule or you can assign daily tasks. Our programmers can work on hours chosen by you.

3. Escalation process

You can always have access to a senior technical person for any escalations. They will be available any time and we have a very robust system to solve problems and attend to emergencies.

To know more and to choose the right web developer for your startup call 408.621.8481 or email right away.

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