6 Best Fantasy Football Apps for Android & iPhone

August 24, 2015 | Rob LaPointe

6 Best Fantasy Football Apps for Android & iPhone
6 Best Fantasy Football Apps for Android & iPhone

Premier League Fantasy Football is Hot! And as the football season begins, fantasy footballers are cracking open their beers, warming up the nacho cheese and reclining in their favorite La-Z-Boys. While watching the game and hanging out with friends is always fun, winning your league’s Super Bowl is so much better. Fantasy Football leagues can be as competitive as normal football, though generally less physical.

Winning a fantasy football league requires a comprehensive understanding of many variables – and the interplay between those variables. Thats where SDI comes in: Mobile apps for fantasy football are the perfect tool for the aspiring fantasy player. Mobile apps for Android apps and iPhone apps can display, analyze, and graph fantasy data efficiently and with no chance of human error. Start a conversation with an expert today.

Let’s go over some examples of great fantasy premier league apps, and then talk about how to make a mobile app that destroys the competition. Gone are the days where fantasy football players have to do their own graphs, find their own variables, research upcoming rookies.

With the help of Silicon Valley’s best app making company, you can build an app that does it all. So, got some extra cash and a competitive spirit? Let’s learn how you can create a perfect fantasy sports app. Game on.

1. Bleacher Report’s Team Stream [Free]

This is an amazing app! I think it may even be my favorite (free) solely fantasy football app. Created by the legendary sports website The Bleacher Report, Team Stream is the ultimate app for Fantasy Football Player. Team Stream continuously streams twitter updates on your players, their injuries, and roster updates directly to your phone. It will even alert you when applicable news comes up and when free agents are signed. Even more, this app collects information from news articles, photos, blogs websites, and other media sources to bring relevant and fresh content to their users. This is a must-have app for the fantasy player.

2. RotoWire Fantasy Football Assistant [$10]

Anyone in any fantasy league knows the name RotoWire. This company (my personal favorite for my fantasy needs), RotoWire only focuses on Fantasy Sports. Unlike other apps, RotoWire’s apps do not cover several sports in one app – each app is highly specialized to each sport. While players in multiple fantasy sports may find this a costly option, it is, in my opinion, worth the price. The UX/UI design is superior to every other fantasy football app out there and it has some of the most comprehensive information out there. If you are looking for something a little less expensive, RotoWire has 2 other apps out there – one for free and one for $5. Both are excellent, but really the best is the Football Assistant. For entrepreneurs, this is an excellent example of an app for which people will gladly fork over the big bucks!

3. NFL.com’s Fantasy Cheat Sheet [$5]

Now, being connected directly to the NFL, you’d figure this app would be amazing – and you’d be right. It’s nearly as comprehensive as the RotoWire app discussed above, but it’s half the price. This app allows you to use a recommendation engine based on several factors (most competitors only allow you to pick one option), advanced draft tracking options, and customized ranking scores – based on your league’s rules! And this is all coupled with the NFL’s unequaled access to player, team, game, and injury reports. While I like the UI/UX for RotoWire a little bit better, this is a fantastic option that’s relatively inexpensive. Just another example of how listening to your clients is the key to a successful entrepreneurial venture.

4. Footballguys Draft Dominator [$5]

There’s a reason that Matthew Berry, Sports columnist and Fantasy Football analyst recommends this app to people. It’s because it’s fantastic. The app connects its users to the Footballguys desktop program of the same name – a program that is well-known to all fantasy footballers. This app works with leagues from TD only to multi-flex and even allows mock auctions and mock drafts of players (great options for the hardcore player). Draft Dominator also has the best recommendation algorithms out of all the others mentioned on this list. It bases its picks off your scoring and your place in the league – in my opinion, the best part of this app.

5. Yahoo Fantasy Sports [free]

Similar to the CBS Sports Fantasy discussed next, the Yahoo app targets multiple fantasy sports leagues. Unlike the CBS app, this particular Fantasy app is great at handling lineups, mock drafts and other associated features – to be clear the CBS app is pretty good at this, it’s just that Yahoo is better. As with all things, there is a trade-off: the CBS app has a better news aggregator and keeps you more up-to-date than Yahoo.

6. CBS Sports Fantasy [free]

One of the best options for fantasy players just starting out, or a casual fantasy player involved in a variety of fantasy sports leagues. This of only 2 apps discussed on this list that cover more than just football. While the features aren’t as robust as those apps that focus only on football, CBS still made an excellent, well-rounded product. It’s not great in actually helping with analytics or stats (though it has all the basic features you associate with fantasy sports), but it has a great news aggregator – definitely an excellent supplemental research option – especially since it’s free! Plus, it connects pretty cleanly to the Apple Watch so you can check your rankings with little hassle. With the Watch OS2 coming out, there’s going to be a lot more fantasy apps that connect to wearable tech – entrepreneurs get started on your Watch app ahead of the competition!

None of these apps are perfect, but they’re all excellent. What the market needs is an app that cherry picks the best features from each app on this list and combines them into one superior app. If you are a fantasy sports player, you know how much a companion app can help you- or you don’t and it’s been a while since you tasted championship! Hire an app developer today.

Either way, you have an in-depth knowledge of what fantasy sportsmen need – and we have the technological know-how (check out our awesome work) to turn that idea into an award-winning app. Find out how much does it cost to hire an app developer. Give us a call at 408.805.0495 or email us to get a free consultation. We’d love to hear from you!

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