How You Could Be The Face Of Agri Startups

October 26, 2022 | Sakshi Sharma

As a net exporter of food, agriculture is a major industry in the US. However, the lack of modern equipment, unavailability of storage facilities, and absence of ground-level knowledge are affecting the survival and returns of this sector. This is where agricultural technology can offer support.

Now, we see many agritech startups mushrooming all over the world. These startups aim to improve the effectiveness of the production processes, introduce smart agriculture, and disseminate necessary information to consumers. You may be asking yourself, what is an agri startup. Well let’s jump in and go through it.

Plainly defined, it encompasses all agriculture-centric activities, putting farmers, distributors, and eventually consumers within a system that produces, transports, and distributes agricultural products.

Merging agriculture with technology, deserves credit for fostering innovations in the agriculture industry.

Once you decide to build an agritech startup, your operations need to be objective-driven, with a focus on improving yield, efficiency, and profitability. If you wish to be acclaimed as the world’s best agritech start-up, then you need to integrate technology, while still focusing on sustainable farming methods.

According to Agri Tech Investing Report, agritech startups have collectively raised funds of over $16.9 billion. This figure has established growth of 43% on a year-over-year basis.

The importance of agriculture in the US is undeniable since it has a large domestic market for agricultural produce and is the biggest exporter of agricultural products.

This is where agritech startup ideas come in handy. Any award-winning agritech start-up aims to offer one-stop data solutions, right from production to distribution.

• Assistance with farm-based decision-making:

Farm management is a crucial part of any farming activity, which deals with farm and agriculture-related decisions. All that a farmer wants is to organize and operate his farm at an optimal level.

However, a lack of expertise prevents him from maximizing his production and profit. To eliminate these bottlenecks, the farmer can collaborate with the most reviewed agritech startup.

Once this is achieved, the startup will expose the farmer to information about prices, market trends, agricultural policies, and credit facilities. This will help the farmer to upscale and make a decent living out of agriculture.

• Warehousing Support:

Usually, farmers sell their produce immediately after harvesting owing to lack of warehousing facilities.

Agritech startups offer warehouse support to farmers, who can now store their produce and sell it only when the prices shoot up. This prevents them from facing losses and they start making fair returns.

• Tech-based Distribution:

As we step into the digital era of agriculture, it helps to streamline the distribution of agricultural produce. For instance, what an agritech startup can do is to list the farmer’s produce held in the warehouse on the app. This produce can then be priced with the on-going market rates.

When the farmer notices a price rise, he can sell the produce and enjoy handsome returns.

If you plan to introduce a top-rated agritech start-up, then you can take assistance from a mobile app development company, which can develop a user-friendly and transparent app for you.

• Introduction of an E-commerce platform:

Farmers are unable to make a living out of agriculture primarily because the geographic area that they cater to is limited.

An agritech startup can resolve this hurdle by introducing an agritech e-commerce platform. Such a platform can help the farmer access new markets which, in turn, boost sales and bottom lines.

Not to mention that farmers face major trouble with the supply chain. Introduction of the best e-commerce platform help adds transparency to the supply chain. This is not something farmers can achieve on their own, which is why support of an agritech start-up is necessary.

The future of Agritech Startups:

If you create an agritech startup, your role will be much more than offering farm services.

That’s because by 2050, the world of agriculture is expected to witness a massive shift. In the US alone, farmers will have to increase the food production to feed the rising population, making technological infusion in agriculture inevitable.

Drone technology, for instance, will assist with farm usage. As per a Merrill Lynch Global Research Report agricultural drone technology is poised to generate 1,000,000 jobs in the US and boost economic activity by $82 billion.

Gene-edited crops are another innovation expected to drive the industry. The idea is to widen the variety of crops, which would translate into higher sales and better returns.

Nothing should discourage you to unveil your agritech startup. Your focus should be to be ranked in the 5 very best agritech startups to gain an advantage over your competitors.

By now, you must have already decided to start an agritech startup. Even though you have excellent ideas and a clear vision, you need to begin by reaching out to farmers.

While it is not possible to approach them on a case-to-case basis, you can always start with a website that speaks about what you can do for them and how. Leave it to our experienced team of senior web developers to go live with your website. Call us at +1.408.621.8481 or write to us at

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