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August 12, 2017 | Sakshi Sharma

The world of farming has changed enormously over the last hundred years. As the agricultural revolution gave rise to the industrial revolution, few were able to foresee just how wide ranging the changes would be, or how they would change the face of farming in the 21st century and beyond.

These days, farmers are more productive than ever before, feeding far more people per acre than their parents and grandparents did just a generation ago. That increased productivity has been great for the world and its food supply, and for the men and women who transform raw seeds into the staples that fill our dinner tables.

Technology has changed the face of agriculture in countless ways, and modern farmers rely on technology to plant their crops, weed their fields, and harvest the results of their hard work. Here are some of the best companies that are changing the world of agriculture, bringing new technology and greater productivity to farmers around the world.

Spoiler Alert

Modern farmers are so productive that they produce enough nutritious food to feed the world, but getting that food to the people who need it is another story. Spoiler Alert seeks to tackle the problems of wasted food and spoilage head on, changing the way food is handled and giving hope to hungry people all over the world.

Based in Boston, Spoiler Alert is a venture-based tech startup, one that helps the largest food-based businesses in the world manage their unsold inventory in a more effective manner. Spoiler Alert has a web-based platform that lets those businesses track and analyze their products, as well as an online marketplace where food donations and discount sales are handled.


MoringaConnect is another technology that is changing the world primarily for small farmers who make up the backbone of the world’s agriculture. This vertically-integrated supply chain management system is already serving more than 2,500 small farm families throughout the country of Ghana.

In their short time in the market, MoringaConnect has already planted more than 300,000 moringa trees, giving rural farmers the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty and deprivation. The advances MoringaConnect has made increased the income of these small family farmers tenfold, giving these vital food producers a new lease on life. By helping the crops around it grow better, the moringa trees enhance productivity in this arid land, raising the hopes of impoverished farmers around the world.

The Jackfruit Company

The Jackfruit Company takes a unique approach to agricultural technology. The mission of this forward-looking company is the transformation of healthy eating, the protection of farmers and their livelihoods, and the reduction of the ecological footprint humans are leaving on the earth.

That may seem like a bold agenda, but The Jackfruit Company is already making it happen. Founded as Global Village Fruit in 2011, this highly effective agricultural startup seeks to raise awareness of the humble jackfruit, a food that has often been underutilized in global agriculture. By reducing waste of this precious resource, The Jackfruit Company aims to serve the needs of farmers, consumers and the planet, something the startup has already begun to accomplish.

Grubby Farms

The mission of Grubby Farms is nothing short of the creation of a better world. This dedication to a better world extends beyond the human population to the animals that share our planet.

In order to achieve those lofty goals, Grubby Farms is helping to close the loop in the world of agriculture, up cycling food waste to produce a healthy, sustainable and ecologically friendly source of protein for our animal cousins. As the name implies, Grubby Farms plans to do this through the intelligent use of insects, an underutilized food source in many parts of the developed and developing the world.

Up Top Acres

The goal of Up Top Acres is to make efficient use of space that has heretofore been wasted, namely the space above our heads. By utilizing previously empty rooftops around the Washington, D.C. area and converting them into productive farmlands, Up Top Acres seeks to change the face of urban agriculture, one building at a time.

Up Top Acres has already established a network of rooftop farms throughout the entire metro area, giving ordinary citizens the chance to grow their own food, reducing food waste and teaching local residents new skills. The move toward urban farming has been going on for some time, but Up Top Acres seeks to take the revolution to the next level.

Hungry Harvest

You may have seen Hungry Harvest on Shark Tank, but their impact stretches far beyond the world of network TV. The mission of Hungry Harvest is to bring healthy nutritious food to the people who need it most.

The folks behind Hungry Harvest strongly believe that great food is a right, not a privilege for those who can afford it. To further that mission, Hungry Harvest empowers a family in need with every delivery, putting healthy food within reach for a whole new population. The startup has already delivered more than 3,000,000 pounds of food, given those in need access to more than 50,000 pounds of low-cost produce and donated more than 500,000 pounds of food to the families who need it most.


The goal of Edenworks is to provide a healthy supply of fresh delicious food – in the form of both leafy greens and fish. That may not be unusual, but the venue for this operation certainly is.

By growing healthy delicious leafy greens and protein-packed fish inside our cities, Edenworks aims to change the face of urban agriculture. This urban farming operation takes advantage of a symbiotic and mutually beneficial relationship – the leafy green vegetables are nurtured by the manure the fish produce, while the vegetables filter the water that provides a healthy home for those very same fish.

These are just a few examples of how technology is changing the face of agriculture and improving the lives of farmers around the world. If you have your own great idea for the future of farming and agriculture, SDI can help you turn that dream into a reality. Our experts can analyze your idea, make recommendations for improvements and help you start a business that could truly change the agricultural world.

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