Employee training and onboarding in the digital age

July 19, 2022 | Sakshi Sharma

With the outbreak of the pandemic, organizations had no option but to go remote. Most companies during this period have chosen to function remotely or adopted the hybrid model.

Even though they have streamlined processes, employee training and onboarding remain an unsettled area.

To centralize employee training and onboarding, the need of the hour is to adopt a digital adoption platform. The same is applicable to customer onboarding. The digital adoption platform benefits are undeniable.

As per Hibob, 64% of employees are more likely to leave a new job following a bad onboarding experience.

Why are organizations switching to digital employee onboarding and training?

1. Strong Employee Experience:

The primary purpose of employee onboarding is to acquaint the new hire with the company culture, teammates, and the overall organizational goals and objectives. Having employee onboarding and training software in place would mean the elimination of excessive paperwork.

Moreover, sitting in any part of the world, the employee can fulfill the onboarding process and receive training to get going with job-related tasks.

2. Instills Efficiency:

Traditional onboarding requires the new hire to fill up endless documents and have face-to-face interactions with their managers and immediate team members. In contrast, employee onboarding software ensures web onboarding is 100% online.

With HR onboarding software, it becomes possible to initiate onboarding even before the new hire officially joins the organization. A similar approach is applicable to digital employee training.

3. Timely Access to Accurate Information:

It does not matter if you are a small enterprise with a handful of people, or a multinational one with employees spread worldwide, an online onboarding or online employee training platform makes it easier to maintain consistency and accuracy in every aspect of the organization.

Whenever updates are processed, employees can access information at the click of a button. Most importantly, carrying out onboarding or employee training and development across digital platforms eliminates manual errors.

4. Cost-Efficient Module:

The best onboarding software and employee training tools are cost-efficient. The costs involved in offering ‘in-person training and individual onboarding sessions’ are substantially reduced.

The amount saved on processes and manpower can then be directed towards introducing innovation and technological upgrades for the better functioning of the organization.

As per Sapling, an average new hire has 54 activities to complete during their onboarding experience.

5. Making the Right First Impressions:

It does not matter what the scale of your business is, you can easily get your employee onboarding software for small businesses and large businesses, based on your requirement.

Since most organizations are keen to recruit millennials, digitalized platforms, and convenient processes will help make the right impression in the minds of the new hires. This translates into a sense of belongingness and better outcomes on the part of the employee.

Using a digital enablement tool for custom software development:

Every organization loves hearing reviews, which speak about onboarding made easy. However, onboarding is not limited to employees alone. You need to strategize and turn to digital platforms for adding ease and convenience to customer onboarding as well.

Your focus should be on investing in employee-customer onboarding software. Customer onboarding is important since it helps in keeping customers engaged. Additionally, it works wonders in converting trial customers into actual ones.

Tips to make customer onboarding a cakewalk:

1. Crisp Sign-Ups:

Heap surveyed 79 SAAS companies and found that the conversion rate on their sign-ups was as little as 36.2%.

If you want your site visitors to sign up for your website, then your focus should be on designing a sign-up page that is short and crisp.

You should avoid asking for excessive information from your prospects in the first stage. Should you need more information, distribute it across multiple pages. Lastly, ease out sign-ups by allowing customers to use their existing accounts through Google or social media.

2. Welcome Emails:

The purpose behind investing in customer onboarding software is to help customers see you as a distinguished brand. When any customer signs up to your platform, make sure to send a welcome email.

Thank them for coming onboard, provide them with the necessary resources, and lastly, take them back to surfing and learning more about your products.

3. Guided Tutorials:

You should not assume that your customers are well versed with the platform, especially when they sign up for the very first time. You need to create a pleasant experience for your users, which is why floating a guided tutorial alongside is crucial.

A quick platform walkthrough will help customers remember you and your business for all the right reasons.

4. Support:

Even after you get your customers to sign up to your platform, there could be instances wherein they will encounter difficulties in importing data or integrating tools. You wouldn’t want a frustrated and unassisted customer to leave you mid-way through the process.

One of the best ways of taking care of your customers is by offering them timely support and assistance.

Digitalizing Onboarding and Training:

In this technological age, the focus is on research and development, establishing a competitive edge, and bringing innovation to the table.

As an organization keen to operate in the interests of its employees and customers, investing in holistic employee and customer onboarding and engagement software is a forward-thinking decision.

It’s imperative that organizations respond to the rising demand for digital tools. If you have a blueprint in your mind but are unsure how to start, then seeking professional help is advisable.

When you have your website, do not forget to include an onboarding demo. This will help in building the confidence of users while helping you to convert more prospects.

If you are looking for a helping hand to help you develop a website that revolves around digital onboarding and training, then feel free to write to us at team@sdi.la or call us at +1.408.621.8481.

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