How The Digital Era Can Help Launch Your New Business into Success

April 20, 2017 | Rob LaPointe

With so much changing so quickly, it can be hard to keep up. In no case is this truer than in the case of the newly launched business. Launching a business is the riskiest part of any venture (with the possible expansion with major growth initiatives) and few entrepreneurs have the time or brain space to keep up.

Enter SDI, a top Development company in Silicon Valley. We build technological solutions for a wide variety of startups, industries, and entrepreneurs:

But the biggest service we provide by far is helping business with automation and digitization (for the lack of a better word) of their internal processes. In non-technical terms, we help businesses harness the power of the internet to help launch, sustain and grow organizations. Every day, more technology is invented that improve business efficiencies through increased automation, superior data reporting, and clear lines of communication.

As tech evangelists, we wholeheartedly believe that the best way for a business to succeed in these modern times is to set up as much as possible online: organizational hierarchies, payroll, general HRM, account/order management, even general accounting. Through a mixed bag of tricks, including bots, AI, and Automation, SDI gives businesses the tools they need to become a global success.

Payroll and Human Resources

Payroll was possibly created by Lucifer himself as a way to eternally torment business owners. Not that business owners don’t hate paying employees (though many do); it’s just that payroll is extremely complicated, and can represent a significant headache to all parties involved. Payroll is about more than just giving out wages; it’s also about determining how much employees should be paid.

SDI specializes in writing code that not only automatically takes care of the standard payroll stuff (i.e. making sure your employees receive their paycheck), but also in tying it to a broader, more comprehensive HRM system. HRMS can be used to not only attract the right talent but determine how to compensate talent.

Compensation can be based off multiple data points, including what a business can afford, what the industry standard is, and what skills or qualifications an employee or potential employee might have that make them more attractive. Our algorithms can even help determine how to retain talent, including a payment growth plan. Plus, we can integrate with QuickBooks, so all information can be automatically transported right into the new Payroll system/

Sales and Marketing

For Sales oriented businesses, Salesforce is one of the biggest, baddest, and best tools available. As a Customer Resource Management (CRM) system, Salesforce helps businesses of all sizes cultivate improved relations with their userbase. And, probably not surprisingly, SDI specializes in Salesforce Integration.

That means that, with our help, businesses create internal, custom software systems that have full integration with Salesforce. This means all that Salesforce offers businesses can accessed from a business’ own personal business system. Business owners can utilize the power of Salesforce, combined with the power of a personalized software, to grow their organization to unparalleled levels.

More importantly in the digital era, Salesforce helps organizations tap into the power of Social Networking. Even better, SDI has a full time marketing team, whose expertise lies in building marketing strategies that utilize social networks to the fullest extent. With Salesforce and our team working for them, our clients are able to create clear, comprehensive strategies attract more users and grow brand visibility.

Communication and Hierarchies

Pretty much every organizational failure in history not deliberately planned has been due to the lack of clear communication. It seems like such a small thing, communication. But when communication becomes muddled or unclear, fatal mistakes happen. Communication is an all-important factor of life, not just business. With the right tools and developers, systems can be put in place that automatically and clearly outline all communication channels, even leaving room for the unexpected.

Why is this important? When an employee doesn’t know to whom they report, information gets lost. When a manager doesn’t know who to reach out to for resources, productivity falls. When an Admin is unsure what type of data should be collected, business goals go unmet. And when a business owner doesn’t have an established organizational plan, businesses fail.

Having a clear hierarchy is a huge part of clear communication, as in the event of an issue with a direct boss, or in the event of management system failure. It tells employees exactly how authority flows within an organization. Don’t think this is all that important? Then look no further than one of the oldest organizational structures in history: the military. Since people first began killing one another, the military has had a complex hierarchy with different ranks, subranks and so on. Fuzzy communication can lose a battle before it’s even begun.

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