How to Build an Online Purchase Order System

October 14, 2015 | Rob LaPointe

How to Build an Online Purchase Order System
How to Build an Online Purchase Order System

The world is changing faster than most of us can keep up. As little as 7 years ago there were no apps and smartphones were just starting to take off. The iPad and similar tablets have been around for an even shorter period of time, but are expected to replace desktops and laptops within a decade (in fact the new iPad is already outperforming the average desktop).

Accompanying the in-your-face changes, such as the ones discussed above, are the behind the scene changes. These are the changes that mean as much (or more) to your business as apps or iPads, changes that impact how entrepreneurs and CEOs run their businesses.

Take, for example, purchase order systems or a PO system. Likely, you all know what a PO is, but just in case: a purchase order is an official offer from a seller to a buyer. It contains all the pertinent information (unit type, number, prices, etc) that both sides need in order to conduct a sale. Obviously, a PO system is some sort of organizational method that orders all of a business’ various POs. At SDI we have developed successful customized purchase order systems for clients in 40+ countries.

For centuries most PO systems were, at best, a handwritten ledger. Eventually, most businesses went digital, using purchase order software to neatly and cleanly organize all purchase orders in a cohesive system.

Today, we’ve moved past store-bought software and on to online purchase order software. There are many reasons for this, which we will cover shortly, but the big takeaway is that online purchase order systems are a must-have for any business that buys or sells something. So, you know, pretty much every business.

The Many Benefits of a Purchase Order System

One of our goals with this blog is to talk about new tech trends and how they help SMB grow in size and depth. To this point, we’ve covered the advantages of custom-built cloud-based software like SaaS over prepackaged software bought off the shelf. Many of the benefits of online purchase order software are largely the same, but let’s recap real quick:

• More Secure

A cloud-based custom program has no physical location that can be easily accessed. This makes it hard to attack the servers directly. What makes custom software especially secure is the very fact that it is custom. Anyone with the know-how can access and hack the code of a store-bought program; only you and your developer can access or alter the coding of your software.

• Much Cheaper

Custom programs might cost more off the bat, but think of the money you save elsewhere:

Reduced IT department. SaaS, PaaS, and similar tech solutions are cloud-based and are thus managed by the software developer. No need to have a huge tech team in case the software tanks – developers like SDI handle all of that.

Your server needs will decrease dramatically. With the cloud, businesses don’t need to have their own servers – it’s all hosted by the developer.

• Less Wasted Time

The biggest complaint with prepackaged software, including purchase order systems, is that they don’t do everything you need them to do. And they never will – you can try all the different variations, subscriptions or updates you’d like. People spend inordinate amounts of money trying to buy the right generalized software – stop! At the end of the day, to get exactly what your company needs you to need to build your own purchase order software.

Better Updating and Maintenance

• You don’t have to pay for new programs every time a major update is released; a good software developer will simply update the software continually, on a schedule that meets your needs.

When things go wrong with a prepackaged software, who do you call? An IT department, if you are fortunate to have one. Everybody else is relegated to calling the dreaded help desk, hoping against hope that this time they will be useful. With cloud-based software, bugs are generally fixed before you know there’s a problem. After all, the developers host the program and can access the entire thing at any time, from any location.

Purchase order systems help streamline your business, from both the sales and the purchasing sides. A decent PO system can save information, make repeat sales or purchases, tabulate your daily, monthly, quarterly or annual revenue and manages your inventory.

The best PO systems can also predict customer orders, track warranties, and resolve customer issues. There is no better way to organize your business and to make growing as painless as possible.

Imagine a world where all of your purchases and sales are neatly divided into select categories, a world where purchase orders can be searched by certain variables. That’s the world of a purchase order software.

Now imagine a world where you decide how it’s all sorted, what variables are applicable, how the design looks – everything. The perfectly designed system that will do everything you need, with no fluff and without fail. That’s the world where you build your own online purchase order software. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Build your own purchase order web development software and increase business growth.

It doesn’t just need to sound great – it can be great, with little effort and less money on your part. Software Developers India has built online purchase order systems for global and local companies, from sectors to shipping to anything you can imagine. Dive deep into our portfolio and have a look at some of our amazing work.

Our expert developers love to build complex programs like this and would love to get involved with another. Hire a dedicated programmers to build your software end to end. Give us a call at 408.805.0495 or contact us to get started. For a limited time, we’re offering 50% off all of our SaaS projects!

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