8 Brand Marketing Strategies To Make Your Business Successful

May 19, 2021 | Sakshi Sharma

The success of a business depends a lot on its brand marketing strategy. Strong marketing strategies help your brand grow and bring in more customers. Effective marketing is no small feat. A marketing strategy is much more than mere advertisements. There has to be a connection, display of need, and real value to the content.

The following marketing strategies for small businesses will help increase your customer base and make your marketing strategy much more competitive.

1. Mobile friendly

More than ever customers are accessing the internet through a mobile device. More than 50 percent of all Google search inquiries come from mobile devices. Your marketing strategy has to take this fact into consideration. It is important that your company website is mobile-friendly or you have an app that has all the promotions, discounts, offers, and other advertisements which you normally have on your website.

Your mobile app matters a lot for your business and that is why you should hire a company like SDI which understands the nuances of digital marketing like no one else. We are experts in not only designing and creating an app but also in marketing it successfully. We take pride to say that we are leaders in this field.

2. Content marketing

Content marketing plays a key role in helping your business grow. By creating content you build trust with your customers and create new avenues for your business. You also establish yourself as an authority in your field. Content can be anything that is published for your audience. It can be blogs, infographics, ebooks, videos, podcasts among others.

Content is a very effective marketing strategy because you have numerous options to deliver valuable information to your customer. The key to good content management is consistency. You need to create content frequently to get maximum returns.

3. SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) strategy has numerous benefits and is one of the top marketing strategies. SEO is very powerful and if you use it the right way it can create a lot of opportunities for your business. It is actually the process of boosting your website’s listing in the search results. Improving your website’s ranking will drive more traffic to your page.

With SEO you can help search engines index and understand what your company is about. Some of the effective SEO techniques are creating a mobile-friendly website, creating content, keyword optimization, and building backlinks. A well-optimized site will bring more people to your site and this, in turn, will lead to more conversions and sales.

4. Social media marketing

A powerful method to market almost anything is through social media. You can use popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and YouTube to create more awareness about your brand and to drive sales. Based on the platform you can target specific audiences by age, relationship, gender and so much more. You can also try advertising on Facebook which has more than a billion daily users. Facebook has very advanced targeting methods for ads.

5. Email marketing

Email marketing has been in existence for some time now and it is still going strong. This is a simple and effective method to increase your audience’s interaction with your brand. Every email you send reminds them of your brand and presents them with opportunities to convert. With advanced email automation and personalization it is easy to send out content that is relevant to each person on your customer list. Weekly newsletters and timely reminders for things like abandoned shopping carts are some of the ways in which you can keep the customers involved. Make sure that you are not spamming your customers with emails.

6. Paid advertising

Another top advertising and promotional campaign is pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. PPC ads are sponsored text ads that appear with organic results in search engines like google. This is a very cost-effective method since you need to pay only when someone clicks on your ad. It is important that you choose long-tail keywords which contain three or more words. This will allow you to get more valuable clicks for your budget.

7. Video marketing

You can add videos to promote your products and services. They can be added to your website, landing pages or social media outlets. Video marketing leads to improved SEO. Adding a video to your website can increase the chance of a front-page Google result by 53%. Also, the retention rate is quite high. 65% of viewers watch more than three-fourths of a video. The same cannot be said about text content. Video is a powerful way to create emotional connections and if used effectively can convert more customers.

8. Customer centricity

Your marketing should always be customer-centric, catering to what your customers want. Always address them directly when contacting for promotions and campaigns. While corresponding, always uses the customer’s first name. This personalization will tell the customer that you value their patronage a lot.

SDI can create the most effective site along with a mobile app that is sure to make your business successful. Website development and maintenance have always been our forte. Along with it, we offer the most effective marketing strategies to bring more leads and sales. As an established company, we have helped our clients earn billions in revenue.

If you are looking for some professional help, call us at +1.408.621.8481 or email us at team@sdi.la.

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