The Best Android and iOS apps

February 8, 2017 | Heather Stugen

The best Android and iOS apps to have

Note: These apps were selected based on 2016 performance and their top notch quality services being rendered to their users. They are still the best apps in IOS and android platform..

The two technology heavyweight companies in the world; Apple and Google who published their famous list of the best apps last year for mobile phones and tablets. The New Year is presented as a blank canvas that needs to be filled and a good option to do so is in New Year’s resolutions.

There is something for all tastes and colors. If you have one in mind but it’s not on our list it could be because they no longer interest us, or because there are so many apps it’s impossible to list them all. Hopefully some of these Android and iOS apps we list will help you in life or just provide you with some entertainment.

IOS Apps


According to the company, Prisma was the best edition application of the year in 2016, surpassing a million users. In just a few days, it has managed to become incredibly popular and entered into the list of top downloads all over the world. Today, “Prisma” is estimated at tens of millions of dollars. The app allows you to edit images or videos with filters that replicate classic painting styles, turning the photos into fun art canvases. There is a little bit more about how this app operates. You take a picture or video and then choose a filter. Prisma sends the image to the server, where it handles the artificial neural network and then returns a very artistic image or video. You can publish the picture or video on social media accounts.


Msqrd was purchased by Facebook in March 2016. The app allows users to change their faces or real-time appearance. This app was number two on Apple’s list. This app is based on 3D face tracking technology developed by its creators and works on both iOS and Android. Using this app is extremely easy. Once the application is open, select photo or video mode When touching the screen, you can change the exposure level. Then you have to choose the video effect. Clip length is usually up to 30 seconds and can be shared on social networks.


Playkids is the most downloaded app in 25 countries. It is the number one app in over 25 countries, allowing children to enjoy educational content through more than 300 cartoons and games. Little ones can dance, sing, and learn the letters of the alphabet or develop their intellect through games and puzzles. In addition, it has hundreds of television programs.


It is a platform for parents that provides stimulation advice for babies from ages 0 to 2. The app aims to become a university that teaches parents to become the main promoters of their baby’s development. The app provides all kinds of activities to promote development for babies. There are more than 1,000 daily activities that will help in this endeavor. The app provides ideas of fun and age-based daily activities to do with the newborn. Each activity is directed to a key development area, helping the baby achieve good development.


This app allows the user to reduce stress by playing fun games. Developed by a team of neuroscientists and mobile developers, Personal Zen trains the user’s mind to reduce stress and anxiety. In addition to that, it also provides guided meditations through advice and sounds of nature. This is a fun ‘app’ that helps maintain physical health as well as train the mind. In a nutshell this app: reduces stress, trains the mind, and maintains physical health.

Android Apps

Face Changer

It is known as “Moviefone” and allows the user to choose from all kinds of fun effects to use on various pictures. This app is somewhat similar to MSQRD which was mentioned above. This app allows users to spend their time having fun using filters and stickers to decorate their photographs. Its success lies in its simplicity.


The second Android ‘app’ is Lumyer, a photo retouching application that allows you to edit selfies and videos by adding more than 100 video effects to the app in high resolution. This is a really great app to use to make a user feel like a real photo editor and make their pictures look better than ever.


This is an app that brings together a broad catalog of podcasts and videos from around the world. The topics range from general information to sports news, music, and interviews. It’s a great way to find, sort, and store all the podcasts you really want.

Emoji Keyboard Pro

For lovers of ‘caritas’ and other drawings in text messages, this ‘app’ brings together all the emojis available on iOS and Android. It’s hard not to get addicted to using emoji’s. This app brings all the emoji’s together, giving you a wide range of choices like never before.


Finally, Google’s fifth-place coincides with the second most popular iOS app: MSQRD also called Masquerade. The app offers users a catalog of faces and filters to add to any photo. In it, you only have to select the photo mode, choose the face that you like, and finally share it on your social networks. It’s easy and very fun to use.

How to build your own mobile app

If you have an idea for a mobile app, there is no doubt that it will work, and even generate income, provided that your mobile app will be extremely useful to the user. This may be the optimization of daily tasks or decision-user issues. It is not essential to know how to program in order to create your very own app.

The unstoppable expansion of smartphones has generated an unprecedented opportunity map for the mobile app market. To compete in this emerging market is not an easy task and requires knowledge of programming. There are different tools available to create mobile apps for different online ready to use platforms on the market without prior programming knowledge.

Ready made platforms may not always yield the results you are looking for so you need a company like SDI to help build and guide you through the process. You can contact the team at 408.805.0495/408.621.8481 or email us at

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