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Apple iOS 7 has generated a firestorm of commentary. Apple is changing the look of iOS with
some enhancements & possibly getting more deeply embedded into every facet of your life.

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SDI’s strategic positioning in Silicon Valley gives us a bird’s eye view of the Apps horizon. Previous shifts in iOS have moved us from mere mobile phones to the world of mobile computing.

iOS 7 is heralding a shift from mobile computing to pervasive computing where billions of objects in our world will be smart and connected to each other. These objects will need a display/controller capable of managing their operations and data feeds.

Apple iOS 7 is setting itself up to be squarely positioned in the center of this revolution. SDI’s years of experience in app development leads us to believe this is indeed the case and we are geared up to take full advantage of this shift for your App.

SDI’s app developers can help you extend this embedded capability to any connected machinery, device or object. The new Control Center is a real time dashboard for your everyday life and provides an intuitive way to skim the flood of information.

The App Store itself is now location sensitive. It can show you apps that are relevant to where you are located. If you are walking near the White House, it will show you apps about tour companies nearby.

This will surpass the simple directory/review capabilities of sites like Yelp, and create opportunities for SDI’s customers to launch apps for the next generation of Customer Engagement.

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The new look renders apps flat on the screen in a layered fashion.

SDI’s expertise in data visualization can enable this design to scale and accommodate the flood of Big Data from thousands of connected devices.

iOS in the Car is another vivid instance of this coming revolution. The iOS 7 has been integrated into some car dashboards and rendered in a manner suitable to safe driving needs. Your car will now be transformed into an iPhone on wheels!


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Working with SDI allowed us to express that vision to our consumers.
We found them to abundantly creative and responsive to our needs.

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I am absolutely satisfied with their work. They did a great job, and they are friendly people.