How to Write a Good Blog

September 28, 2016 | Ananya S

Blogs are the reflection and thoughts of a person and some become mega-famous while others have their own aesthetic spin which leaves a bold impression on its viewers. To write a blog is tough work but many make it work and it opens up a whole new world of writing. To begin you do not have to be a naturally born writer but understand the basics which I will list below that will enable your skills to refine themselves and give you a fantastic blog.

To write your blog, you need to captivate your readers, have a clear main idea, and use titles, headings, keywords, signal words, and easy access so others can find your blog.

1. Title

Your first step in creating a read-worthy blog is to have a creative title – an idea that you mold into something that inspires others or puts them in awe. It has to grab their attention and bring focus to your main topic.

2. Structure

The second step is to find your voice and brainstorm ideas or write an abstract before stringing them into coherent sentences which would build the structure for your blog. List out subpoints for your topic which you can break into your introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

• Introduction should merely introduce your idea, not list out your subpoints.

• Body paragraphs should include why you believe in your topic, links to other sources, and your main idea.

• Conclusion should be clean and give a complex audience also the chance to agree with your outlook on the topic you have chosen to write about.

3. Headings

Search engines can work in a writer’s favor if the writer uses certain headings or echo words- words that can remind readers of information they have already encountered. By reinstating the facts in various manners, you let your readers understand the topic to its best potential. Subheadings can lead other viewers to your blog through the search pages of Google and Safari.

4. Keywords and Signal Words

The third step in this mechanism includes choosing the right keywords that would optimize searches bringing light to your writing and blog. Ensure headlines which would help Search Engines locate your blog to the number one spot or onto the first page of searches. Also, don’t forget to use transition words such as ‘although’, ‘likewise’, and ‘of course’ which will let your readers know that the points you make are important. Signal words like ‘secondly’ and ‘finally’ will also bring attention to certain topics you write about!

5. Revision

The last but certainly not the least step, is to refine the errors and have someone else proof-read it all-the-while asking for their opinion on your article. Update regularly and change up the formats by introducing a video, some demographics, or even a live chat with your readers.

Writing a blog can be challenging and difficult in the beginning but all good things begin with baby steps and by following the ones listed above, you’ll be on the right path to success. Good blogs can rake in views not only from SEO but also from Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, etc. If you write good content, you will get good results!

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