4 Winning Strategies During The Pandemic

October 1, 2020 | Sakshi Sharma

The Covid-19 outbreak has led to a huge change in our business landscape. We are seeing local businesses we love losing money, laying off, and even closing up completely because they just can’t keep up with the bills. Although there are some bleak stories for small businesses there are still some that have come up with successful winning strategies for the pandemic.

Other businesses that are willing to adapt and make these changes could remain afloat during and after the coronavirus pandemic. Let’s first take a look at some companies that are doing well.

What Businesses are doing well

You may be wondering how these businesses can develop strategies that are actually successful during this pandemic crisis. There are those that didn’t necessarily come up with effective marketing strategies or change much but rather they boomed specifically because of everything that has happened and their business resilience.

Cleaning Services have seen a huge spike as people want everything cleaner than ever so it’s no surprise that these services have increased. The same goes for delivery services because people are staying home more and want everything delivered. Many companies within these 2 industries have hired more people to provide the services that are in demand.

Most people never stocked up on their food and other grocery goods but now people are buying more at the grocery stores making them incredibly essential. Along the same lines are liquor stores because what is a person supposed to do when they are bored at home but drink a little. Then we have meal delivery services which are the most convenient way to not only have food delivered but also help make cooking easier.

Many video game makers have seen an increase due to staying at home much like Netflix and other digital entertainment services. Buying and selling games have become an even bigger market than before as people who don’t normally play are deciding to pick up that controller and try their hand.

Some other companies that have seen growth include those that sell farming supplies because everyone is trying to become their own farmer at home which requires a lot of farming tools. The same goes for canning goods. People want to scan their own food rather than buy it at the store.

The final business is drive-in movies. This above all others was seeing a huge slump with drive-in closures. Now, people are asking for more of it since sitting inside a movie theater isn’t something we can do or should really do. Why not sit in the comfort of your own car while watching a brand new movie on the big screen.

What Your Business Could do

1. Become more efficient

You need to change your strategy to eliminate costs. If you are a brick and mortar business think about online strategies versus the building and consider finding a different way to present your products. Your building may close but your profits don’t have to.

The problem is many businesses are at risk of closing because they aren’t making changes. List out all your expenses and decide what you could do without. Think digital, contactless, and at home possibilities. Even if your business is an antique shop you can do this. Get a storage unit for your items. List them online to sell, and market them there. Add on an extra layer by providing fun videos of how they can use, decorate, or create crafts with the items they buy. You have the ability to create a business from your business. Get rid of what doesn’t work and start something new that could.

2. Be Flexible

Don’t be rigid because you won’t succeed. We are in a new territory so if you can’t be flexible and willing to try new things, things are going to be quite difficult. Bars for instance are being hit pretty hard. Their sole purpose is people coming to enjoy and drink. Yes, alcohol to go is now ok in many places but that’s not enough. Some places have decided to come up with their own alcohol or beer and sell it in grocery stores. Liquor sales are up so they capitalized on that.

Change isn’t easy and it definitely takes a bit of time and money but it could be worth it in the end. There are many businesses that adapted and created something new which became a huge success. The key here is being 100% committed to your ideas and business success. If you think you’re going to fail you will. If you try everything you can to not only stay afloat but become more successful you can.

3. Partnerships

People want convenience. They want to purchase everything in one spot or at least be able to do multiple things at once. Let’s take entertainment as an example. People have typically gone out to dinner and a movie. At some point that was combined where people could purchase a dinner and a movie gift card to provide as a gift. It was a great idea that people liked.

Now, let’s fast forward to now, how can you combine services that you offer with another. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a restaurant or a dry cleaning service. There are ways to keep your business going. A flower shop can partner with a cleaning service to give clients the option for not only cleaning but also fresh decor laid out in the home after the cleaning. Remember people are inside more and having beautiful flowers can help brighten moods.

You have to think outside of the box. Come up with a new product that will work during the pandemic. Read back to the list of successful companies during the pandemic and try to figure out a new product or service to offer that has to do with that or partner with a company in one of those areas. Then market it like crazy. You can have successful marketing strategies through research and understanding of what people are looking at most during the pandemic.

4. Offer delivery services

The services you offer does not just mean delivery to homes but how you can provide what they want in any form. Again, you have to get creative in how your customers receive not only their products but their services as well. How can become more efficient in delivering your product or service?

For deliveries, you can partner with other delivery companies or set one up yourself and provide this as an option for other small businesses. If you offer more service-related options find unique digital ways of offering them. If you have to be there in person you still can but find new tools to distance yourself and/or provide cleaner ways of doing things. Companies who list out all their rules and items they use for COVID tend to get more business now.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you if you want to adapt and do everything you can to stay in business. No business has ever survived by keeping the statue quo. Now more than ever you will need to make drastic changes. If you need some fundraising to help you move forward with your winning strategies for small businesses you can get it.

If you need help with incorporating new technology, setting up a website, and or app you can contact SDI to learn about the ways to better your business during and after this pandemic. Give us a call at +1.408.621.8481 or email us at team@sdi.la.

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