Why is Silicon Valley the Heartland for Innovation & Startup Success Stories?

May 26, 2015 | Raj Srivastav

Why is Silicon Valley the heartland for innovation & startup Success stories?
Why is Silicon Valley the heartland for innovation & startup Success stories?

Everyone even remotely involved with technology knows of Silicon Valley. For over two decades, Silicon Valley has been a hot bed for technology, innovation and those with the entrepreneurial spirit.

Why? Why does it get visits from heads of foreign states looking for tips on how to create an economy as successful as the Valley’s? Why does Silicon Valley seem to be more innovative than the most places, even within California?these are important questions that come to the mind.

Innovative Silicon Valley firms from Google to Apple to Tesla have created millionaires and billionaires overnight, and have changed the world about as quickly.

Let’s take a look at some of the most successful tech startups, especially app and web development firms, to see what innovations turned them into a Silicon Valley success story.

The Valley of the Innovator’s Delight

Silicon Valley was once known as the Valley of the Heart’s Delight due to its breathtaking natural beauty. Today, as one of the leading innovative economies in the world, it continues to delight the hearts of millions of innovators, entrepreneurs, and techies.

Part of this is thanks to the massive availability of funding from venture capitalists and angel investors. The hottest startups in the world, like Nextdoor (the private social media network for your neighborhood), are located smack dab in the middle of Silicon Valley.

With hundreds of so many exciting startups, it is perhaps not surprising that angel investors and venture capitalists can invest billions of dollars in Silicon Valley innovators.

In the first quarter of 2015 alone, Silicon Valley represented nearly 25% of all VC investment, worldwide. That’s 327 investments made for a whopping grand total of 5.4 billion invested in Silicon Valley startups and projects. Venture capital acts as the growth accelerator for a business. Find out why Boston startups head to Silicon Valley for venture capital investment.

Collaboration and Cooperation

While getting funding is a necessary part of any startup or an innovative new project, it isn’t the only ingredient in Silicon Valley’s recipe for success.

The truly disruptive practice that makes Silicon Valley the innovative hub of the world is the willingness of companies to work with one another, whether by creating programs to help other innovators, such as Moxtra’s Clip or Firebase.

The need for collaboration with other Silicon Valley entrepreneurs is so obviously important that global tech giants like Wipro are opening up centers and labs solely dedicated to providing a space for tech innovators to do what they do – innovate!


Perhaps even more important than the cooperation between innovators is the collaboration between Silicon Valley companies and Silicon Valley universities.

Universities such as Stanford and San Jose State University have programs that are specifically designed to teach business and tech skills and encourage innovation.

Even community colleges and high schools throughout California are creating more and more classes designed to give students the skills to thrive in Silicon Valley. By emphasizing technology and business education, California is ensuring that Silicon Valley will be the center of the tech world for decades to come. Ed Tech is making waves in Silicon Valley & the reasons are glaring you in the face.

Diversity and Multiculturalism

As The Wall Street Journal states, “innovation is all about people.” Silicon Valley is one of the most diverse places in the entire world and has been for decades. This diversity is a key factor to the success of Silicon Valley innovators and entrepreneurs.

Nearly a third of Silicon Valley companies are owned by Indian Americans and nearly 50% of the tech workforce is Asian American. Over half of the population of Silicon Valley speaks a language other than English at home. This widely varied cultural background combined with a tolerance of different people has led to a free exchange of ideas unparalleled in the world.

Diversity and tolerance have been hammered into the very nature of Silicon Valley and is arguably the biggest contributor to successful startups and businesses. Innovation naturally occurs when varied ideas, cultures, and personalities are blended together.

For example, the Silicon Valley-based app development and web design company SDI. Software Developers India has been a leader in app development and web design. One of the earliest tech companies in Silicon Valley it quickly became a leader in mobile app development and website design.

For a decade and a half SDI has been developing apps and app strategies for such entities as Pepsi, Marvell Technology Group, and Stanford University. More importantly, SDI has several of its own mobile apps that have been developed and received widespread attention from the business and tech world. One of these apps, Video Date, was even mentioned in Time Magazine, USA Today, and Glamour Magazine.

Part of the uniqueness that has made SDI one of the top app development companies in Silicon Valley (and the world abroad) is the fact that the development team is based out of India, while the sales and marketing team is placed in cities around the world, including London, Melbourne, and Silicon Valley. This makes it easy on the budget for a wide range of customers worldwide.

This vertical integration gives SDI an advantage in pricing while still maintaining a presence in Silicon Valley. The low-priced, but high-quality, work that SDI does have served to attract hundreds of clients and resulted in the mobile of thousands of mobile apps.

The Recipe to Success

Many places have tried to emulate Silicon Valley’s success and while there has been some moderate success, the Valley is still the world’s center for innovation, startups, tech companies, and investment.

Why have these failed? Mostly because they took only one aspect of Silicon Valley, not realizing it is all of the elements that make it so popular for the world’s leading entrepreneurs.

Silicon Valley’s position in the world is because it is so innovative, tolerant, diverse, supported, and cooperative. It takes all of these elements, plus determination and an acceptance of failure, to make it.

Silicon Valley has become almost a physical representation of how the internet works: many different minds from many different places building upon one another’s work.

Ready to Come to Silicon Valley?

Do you feel your innovative juices flowing? Are you ready to come out to Silicon Valley and create the next big startup?

Even if you aren’t in Silicon Valley, SDI is standing ready to help you develop your mobile app and design your website into a finished product that is responsive, trendy, and engaging.

Thanks to its globalized locality, SDI can help you pretty much anytime anywhere. Give us a call at 408.805.0495, or email us at team@sdi.la to get started on your idea today. Feel free to Contact us right here, right now and one of our experts will get in touch with you.

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