Why enterprises must incorporate AI-enabled service desks

February 28, 2022 | Alaina Srivastav

Every customer deserves to have a fulfilling service experience before and after the use of a product or service. According to Microsoft, 90% of Americans keep customer service as a vital factor in deciding whether to do business with a company or not.

A study conducted by Glance claims that 78% of customers have backed out of purchasing a product due to poor customer service levels. This can be attributed to the customer service executive’s inability to attend to a huge quantity of customer tickets. There is a heavy need to either replace or support human customer service efforts.

Adopting digital transformation is perhaps the only solution. The idea is to build intelligent machines that are capable of performing tasks that otherwise require human intervention. The multi-fold branch of computer science, which provides proactive and personalized assistance, is referred to as AI or Artificial Intelligence.

How are AI-powered service desk solutions better than human-driven platforms?

Speedy disposals:

AI-enabled service desks help with faster and better disposal of customer requests. Talking about Machine Learning alone, a subset of AI, which learns from data, identifies patterns, and makes quick decisions. In the US, more than 44,000 jobs listed on LinkedIn have listed Machine Learning as an essential skill, according to research by Forbes in 2020.

Identifying gaps:

It is difficult for service desk personnel to locate gaps. They cannot do much to improve future outcomes. However, using AI, service desk predictive analysis can be utilized to predict the future using historical data. A mix of statistical modeling, data mining, and machine learning can come in handy.

Growth and expansion:

Artificial Intelligence services have a role to play in improved efficiency and cooperation within the organization. This aids with the business unit’s growth and expansion plans.

Resolving tedious jobs:

Working on and closing tedious and time-consuming activities is a challenging task, especially when human efforts are involved. However, with an AI-driven help desk in place, resolving wearisome jobs with improved operational efficiency and accuracy is possible.

What is the role of an AI & ML development company in implementing AI in businesses?

A study revealed by Accenture says that AI technology enhances productivity by 40%. This is reason enough for businesses to include instant help solutions in their deliverables.

AI and ML development companies can help you to build intelligent AI applications around self-service-based helpdesk automation. Such companies use machine learning tools and algorithms. Chatbots are being linked to helping desk automation ideas. AI-driven help desk and self-service based helpdesk automation underscore the immense potential of digital disruption.

In opting for professional AI in service consulting, it will become easier to spot AI-related opportunities while keeping barriers to AI at bay.

AI is also used to support IT teams in service desk predictive analytics for improvement of workflow and managing incidents.

AI and ML development companies have a substantial role to play in helping organizations achieve results in the following areas:

    1. Quick decision-making

    2. Improved productivity

    3. Automation of business processes

    4. Faster detection of irregularities

    5. Managing costs

Every AI and ML development company carries out a few predefined steps to include help-desk automation ideas in businesses.

Carrying out a thorough assessment:

The first step involves looking deeper into the business. The idea is to understand an entity’s core capabilities and define future objectives. Ultimately, recommendations are made for appropriate tools, technology, and architecture for using AI in the service desk.

Data management:

This is the phase of data exploration. Here, data is analyzed and corresponding models built. The goal is to identify what is possible concerning the AI functionalities.

Customization of the AI model:

Every business unit requires a tailor-made AI model. At this stage, the concerned development company carries out multiple experiments and eventually zeroes down on the best AI model.

Application and integration:

Once the model is in place, the last step involves integrating the AI application with the company’s service platform. Customers need to have a user-friendly experience, which is why a dash of all the resourceful features is necessary.

According to AI statistics released by Frost & Sullivan, the US is the leader for investing in AI technologies and has the most closed deals.

Is Enterprise app development truly useful?

Enterprise app development is a collaborative effort where IT support is used to build applications. Contribution is required from both sides – internal business teams and agencies external to the company. The idea is to add value to the end user’s needs by adding a touch of AI to these applications.

Paul Swaddle, Chairman & Co-founder of PocketApp, was quoted as saying, “This year will see businesses implementing internal apps to support processes from HR to sales”.

It comes as no surprise that Enterprise app development services are gaining traction.

The future of businesses

A study by Gartner suggests that by 2022, the average number of AI projects per company will witness a 250% increase. Its business potential is further accentuated by the fact that AI promises to increase productivity and offer personalized solutions to customers.

Even if inadvertently, AI influences our life, be it taking assistance from Google Maps, opting for automated financial investing, social media monitoring, or even disease mapping. It’s undeniable that with AI in service, our lives have become that much brighter.

American computer scientist Alan Perils couldn’t have put it better when he said: “A year spent in Artificial Intelligence is enough to make one believe in God.”

Do you see immense business potential in AI? You can get businesses to set up AI-enabled service desks.

Whether you need help building your website or updating your software to include AI you will need a solid development partner. Trust our experienced team of web and software developers to help you capture this market. Don’t hesitate to call us at +1.408.621.8481 or write to us at team@sdi.la.

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