Web Development and its Importance for Small Business

February 17, 2015 | Raj Srivastav

Web Development and its Importance for Small Business in 2015
Web Development and its Importance for Small Business in 2015

The internet, like many modern technologies, is subject to rapid change and innovation. The web landscape shifts, offering new opportunities and broadening its horizons, which is awesome for driving rapid innovation and entrepreneurialism. At the same time, this frequent change demands constant vigilance from businesses who want to continue to take full advantage of what the internet offers and avoid being left behind when trends shift. So what do you need to keep an eye on Web Development?

Mobile users are again one of the top web trends. The mobile user share is growing, and websites must be prepared to deliver quality service to these users. Depending on your target market, the mobile share of visitors may vary, but it is likely to be above 20% even in markets with a. Elsewhere in the world mobile can represent close to 70% of browser traffic.

In a related trend, emerging markets are growing in web connectivity thanks to the availability and affordability of low-cost smartphones. We’re also seeing big companies like Google and Facebook put in a lot of R&D into new strategies to deliver cheap access to these countries.

As always, the design has its own trends. Like fashion, the look and feel of a website need to feel modern in order to achieve the best results. Here are a few design trends that are important to take note of for the 2015 web:

Responsive Design

This is a major trend, as mobile devices are more prominent than ever. Responsive web design allows your website to accommodate many different screen sizes, offering a stellar experience for all visitors.

Large Images

Images are obviously important visual elements. These days they are larger and more foundational to the design of the page—notably, we often use images as backgrounds with text and other elements laid on top. Sometimes this includes custom scrolling effects, which move elements around as you scroll, but that is not necessary.

Flat Design

Modern design has started to trend towards a certain minimalistic approach in which everything is flat. No skeuomorphism, like we saw in early iOS, or shaded 3D buttons. In the past couple years, Apple, Google, and Microsoft have all moved toward flatness for website design.

Modern Navigation

These days navigation is most often primarily done through scrolling, as this is easy for users to accomplish on any device. Nav-bars provide quick links to major pages, with each page devoted to a concept or topic and self-contained. Other navigation elements are large, to accommodate for tapping on small displays. Overall, modern web design favors fewer individual pages.

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