Virtual Notary: Wishful Thinking or Reality?

March 3, 2022 | Sakshi Sharma

When was the last time you wanted to get an important document notarized? Perhaps, not too long ago. Notaries are in high demand across different business sectors, especially banking, insurance, medicine, technology, and legal.

A study by the National Notary Magazine claims that more than 4.4 million commissioned notaries to reside in the US alone. Having a successful notary business has become an avenue for additional income.

Now that electronic notarization is legally authorized by E-SIGN and/or Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA), remote online notarization is an option too.

So, you may be wondering how to build a successful notary business and what the impact of introducing online notarizations would be.

How does standard notarization operate?

For standard notarization, the parties signing the agreement will have to appear in person before the commissioned notary public. They have to produce their proof of identity and sign the document that requires notarization. If the document needs a sworn statement, the signing entity is placed under oath.

The role of the notary is to ascertain the genuineness and proper execution of the document being signed. He is entirely responsible for vetting, certifying, and record-keeping of the notarizations performed by him. Notarized documents add a layer of verification to the notarial acts.

Yet that’s not all – the modern notary system has progressed beyond just documentation.

Remote online notary business makes the process so easy:

Unlike traditional notarization, online notary service providers carry out notarizations using the electronic medium. Here, the in-person presence of signing parties is not required.

The process is completed using electronic signatures, audio-visual tools, electronic notarial journals, and record-keeping technologies.

It explains why notary business opportunities are on the rise, with the demand skyrocketing in 2020 alone. According to web search data available from the National Notary Association’s ‘Find a Notary Public’ page, search results for mobile notaries increased by 1,750% in 2020.

If you are interested in starting your online notary business, you must know that 88% of full-time and 80% of part-timers mobile notaries consider their business profitable enough to continue working in this field, claims a survey conducted by the National Notary Association in 2020.

Notarize, an online notary platform connects you to notaries with a click of a button. With this kind of facility available, closing mortgages has now become easy.

How to start an online notary business?

1. You will have to apply for a course relevant to your state and pass the examination.

2. You will then have to take an oath and record your signature

3. Complete additional state requirements, if there are any

4. Have infrastructure in place

5. Start independently or sign up with an approved online notary services platform

Benefits of starting a notary online business:

1. A WFH opportunity

Once you build your own e-notary, you can offer services from the comfort of your home. All you need is a steady internet connection and a desktop with a webcam and a microphone. To increase the reach of your services, you can design a notary website. The improved reach with the website in place will help you cover the income shortfall due to the lost in-person notarizations.

2. Flexible work hours

Once you decide to build a notary business, you decide your work hours. Most online notarization platforms offer ‘off-hour’ notarization facilities, which make it possible for you to work at a time convenient to you.

A few online notarization platforms operate seven days a week, thus helping you make additional earnings.

3. Work Consistency

A question faced by most US citizens, “Is US virtual notary legit?” The short answer is yes. This only implies that to make the process of notarization hassle-free, people will be relying on the services of online notaries.

You can rest assured your US online notary service can flourish. According to an article published by OneNotary on Medium, a leading online notary service in the US, any notary with a fully booked calendar can earn around $50 per hour.

4. Fewer Overheads

An online notary service provider does not have to incur heavy overhead costs. They do not have to pay rent or maintain a brick-and-mortar office.

Expenses on file cabinets are eliminated since documents and records are stored electronically. Additionally, there are platforms where electronic journals and seals can be purchased at a competitive rate.

Building a public website for your online notary services:

The decision to offer online notary services should be backed with authenticity. There is no better way to talk about yourself and your services than to float your website.

To attract traffic to your website and make your presence felt, you must have a beautiful user-friendly, notary website design in place. Hiring the services of a professional web developer would be the right approach to take.

If you have been going back and forth on starting your online notary business, then it’s time to move forward with it. You will not just be your own boss but also be able to make a good income.

Let your first step be to design a website for your online notary business. Make sure your project is in safe hands. Our team of prolific web developers will make you a customized offering. Feel free to call us up at +1.408.621.8481 or write to us at

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