Why you should build an original content short video streaming app like Quibi

May 14, 2019 | Sakshi Sharma

Watching videos on your phone is now very common, but how do you avoid the apps that don’t stream correctly? How do you avoid the constant reliance on YouTube and the tiresome search for videos that are not always on there? The answer could be in a specialty video app, one that good enough for Hollywood actors to produce short films for. That app is currently being developed by Jeffrey Katzenberg and Meg Whitman and is called Quibi. It will cost $20,000 to create. But the money seems to be worth it for several reasons.

Why a video streaming app like Quibi is worth the investment?

Great media material on phones is an untapped market. If Hollywood makes ten-minute videos with famous actors, then more and more people will want to download the app. The people watching these videos on their phones won’t have to worry about excess advertising cutting the material off, and there won’t be any problems with long videos or credits. The idea is to get more people to tune in to shorts and feel like they’ve gained something from it and to make a decent amount of money doing so.

Individuals who download or buy the video streaming app won’t have to spend a lot of money on it. The main goal is to have the app become a global success, then small amounts of money will amount to huge financial success. The interface of the app will be attractive to users (because UI/UX is very important) who until now are used to programs that are online and ask for a monthly subscription but can’t seem to provide a relaxed way to watch videos.

Some other issues with current options are: the video content is sometimes on the side of the screen, there are a lot of instances where the video gets stuck mid-program, and also where the content is completely taken down altogether. This could be because the program’s server isn’t authorized or various other reasons. Quibi will bypass these problems by being an app that specializes in streaming to large numbers of people. Its servers will make it possible for content to run without interruption much more often and will have the option to show videos in full-screen mode.

These differences will make the video streaming app more user-friendly and will make the people who use it more trusting of its quality. Quibi might become the premier video streaming app on the market, but we will know for sure once it is launched.

How can your video streaming app be successful?

Quibi will most likely succeed more if it has videos that are available are not found anywhere else. If the videos can stream successfully on the app it might be the leading app out there. It might also draw more companies to develop programs that resemble it in quality, therefore raising the overall expectation to deliver exceptional video streaming services.

It will also push other programs to provide exceptional quality programs because its short videos will most likely get more views than the long series being watched on others. It will also have high-quality acting and editing and will be made specifically for phones. Other programs will want to do similar videos to be able to stay in the market, the competition will increase but so will the quality standard of video streaming.

People tend to watch long series together but many times they aren’t able to watch it at the same time which means someone is always ahead in the series. It can be frustrating when you hear people talking about an episode you haven’t watched yet. Quibi is made for individual watching and will end these conflicts, now it’s possible to watch longer series with friends, family, or a significant other, and still watch media content when an individual wants. You can do multiple things at the same time.

Since Quibi series or episodes will not take more than a few minutes each because they are actually shortened mini-series, they can be watched in an instant. They can be watched during a break at work or while waiting in the car for someone. They can eventually become programs to be watched together, but separately. It’s actually possible to skip ahead of the people watching the same series without that guilty feeling. Not everyone commutes to work together or takes their breaks at the same time. Watching Quibi programs in a group can be planned or left up to each person to do on their own.

What do you need to build a video streaming app like Quibi?

The exact pricing of Quibi for users isn’t defined yet but it’s not going to be expensive. Putting it together, however, will take the best team of editors, writers, actors, producers, directors, and designers, and app developers like SDI. The app development cost is a decent amount but there is a lot of buzz over Quibi and excitement about it. Why not? The possibilities are endless, there could even be partnerships with other streaming services or search engines.

T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, and even Disney might want to produce material for Quibi in the future. More of their material will be watched, so why not try to partner? That’s one reality that might happen even if Quibi dominates the market, it’s all about waiting and seeing. This technology is new but very promising.

Hopefully, they can deliver technology that users need and want to see. If you want to get in on this video streaming app idea then don’t waste time and get your app completed now to get to market fast. There are so many opportunities here to improve the video streaming service industry. You can speak with experts like Sakshi Sharma at 408.621.8481 or email team@sdi.la for more information on how to do this.

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