Top 10 Web Design Trends For 2021

May 31, 2021 | Heather Stugen

Trends change fast and never remain the same. Every year comes new web design trends. Web design is continuously evolving and becoming more and more creative. Design elements and website features that were once modern have become outdated now. The design trends need to do more than look attractive as they need to get results too. A website or an app has to generate leads and convert visitors.

Best web design trends 2021

Here are the most significant design trends that you need to watch out for in 2021. You can find out which design is the best fit for your type of business.

1. Dark mode

For a long time in web design, a white background was considered to be the only way to create empty space on an app or a website. This began to change and the dark mode trend really picked up. The dark mode is now a great way to add a modern and elegant touch to any website. Besides being sleek, it can be more pleasing to the eyes. By increasing contrast, design elements can also be made more visible. Adding a dark mode toggle to the website can allow visitors to customize their experience.

2. Neumorphism

Neumorphism is gaining a lot of traction and is sure to be one of the best web design trends in 2021. It applies a minimalist approach while giving a sense of 3-dimensions in the form of buttons and other elements. It is all about the color of the screen and giving a decent and unique look to the website.

3. Parallax animation

The popularity of web-based animation is increasing year after year. In 2021 web animations are getting more complex through the separation of page elements into foreground and background creating a parallax effect. Parallax is nothing but the optical illusion that happens when objects near to the viewer appear to move faster than objects which are far away. This offers a unique experience to the users.

4. Augmented reality (AR) experiences

AR offers an amazing immersive experience for the users. In the context of marketing, augmented reality allows brands to offer unique digital experiences and to engage consumers in a memorable way. By giving customers a visual representation of how a product will look in real life, this technology can reduce returns and boost customer satisfaction.

5. Bold fonts and color

Bold letters and colors always attract attention. A simple page will look fresh if it has big headlines with bold fonts. Nice fitting background with big lettering can look really amazing. Even old fonts are seeing a bit of resurgence after undergoing some stylization and a bit of artistry. The bold typography gives a nod to the past while still feeling very modern.

6. Minimalism

Minimalism is a design trend that refuses to quit. It was and is very popular. This is less a visual style and more a design principle and is based around using only the essential elements such as clean text, limited color palette, and basic shapes. Something functional, memorable, and simple. Minimalist web design will continue to be a key component of modern UI design for years to come.

7. Designs based on preference

Web development has made great strides in offering more personalized experiences. This can be anything from including a toggle between different modes to other ways of changing a site’s appearance and navigation. Websites are becoming more user-centered with more focus on meeting the needs, wants, and tastes of the users.

8. Cartoon illustrations

Cartoon illustrations have gained a lot of popularity as a way of transforming websites with a healthy dash of humor and humanity. These illustrations seem to “match” almost any design aesthetic as well, making them a popular option for all kinds of industries or website types.

10. Thumb-friendly mobile navigation

Responsive design is essential and no longer an option. The site should work well on mobile devices. Hence it should be thumb-friendly. The navigation bar, menu, and even contact buttons should be in the space where the thumb can reach. This is sure to make your site more comfortable to use and will improve your UX manyfold.

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