Top 7 Must-Have Smartphone Apps for You and Your Puppy

September 9, 2015 | Raj Srivastav

Top 7 Must-Have Smartphone Apps for You and Your Puppy
Top 7 Must-Have Smartphone Apps for You and Your Puppy

People love their pets – and they should. I personally have owned more than 5 dogs and a dozen cats throughout my life (clearly I’m an animal lover). Pets are a friend when you need one, a confidant who will never tell your secrets (unless it’s where you hid that bone) and bring happiness to their owners.

With modern technology working their way into every aspect of our lives, why shouldn’t there be apps for pets and their owners? Well, as it turns out, there are! The options are still pretty limited and the market is on the verge of taking off, but there are some decent ones. Think you can do better? So do we – get in touch with Silicon Valley’s app makers and we can have your app ready to launch in a matter of a weeks.

Here’s a brief overview of the best Apps for pet owners out there:

1. Tindog

This app gets the first place just because the name is too funny. Funny notwithstanding, this is a great app for pet owners. Just like its namesake, Tinder, Tindog lets you view other pet owners in your area, including their pet.

The app displays the interests and hobbies of each account, so it’s a great way for singles to meet other pet owners. Even for those not interested in dating (humans, not pets), this is a great way for you to find friends for your dog. You can use the app to schedule a location and time to meet up and run your dogs. Find out how to develop pet app like Tinder.

2. Spending on My Dog

You can probably guess what this app does – yep, it tracks how much money you spend raising your pet and keeps track of the items you’re buying. Spending can be exported to a datasheet program (i.e. excel) to help you easily budget for your pet. Cool, isn’t it? Some of you probably would rather not know how much your pet is costing you; just keep in mind, you won’t have to save up for his college tuition 😉 Find out how much does it cost to develop an app.

3. Tagg

Tagg is a little different than the other apps on this list because it requires a separate GPS attachment ($80). While this is pricey, the peace of mind that comes with it is invaluable. The GPS attaches to your pet’s collar and tracks their every move. Users can map to their pet’s location to track down lost friends quickly. I remember a few months ago when my indoor cat escaped through a hole in my screen door – anyone who has ever lost a pet can tell you how gut-wrenching that is. With Tagg, those worries disappear.

Even better, Tagg monitors your pet’s exercise and rest periods, so you know how healthy your pet is (or not healthy in my case). The last great thing about Tagg is that it monitors outside temperatures and lets you know when they get too extreme for your guy. This is a great option for people who live in extreme climates but is still useful to anyone concerned about how their little guy is handling the temperature. Speak to an expert to know how to develop pet apps for iPhone.

4. The American Red Cross Pet First Aid App

This is an all-inclusive pet health tool. It helps you keep track of all your pet’s health concerns, from vet appointments to vaccination schedules. Even better, it provides resources on basic pet maladies, including treating cuts and how to administer CPR (in fact, it contains 25 different common emergencies!).

Pet First Aid also contains videos and interactive quizzes to better prepare owners for any emergencies that might occur. Additional features include a list of local pet-friendly hotels and pet hospitals, as well as the ability to seamlessly switch between multiple pet accounts. If you’re concerned about being able to treat your injured cat or dog, this app is for you. If you want to develop a pet adoption app or a first aid app for pets contact us for a free quote.

5. Petcentric

Petcentric is probably the most basic app on this list, but it’s a good one all the same. It’s essentially a crowdsourced map of local dog-friendly places. It informs users of local dog parks, dog-friendly retailers and hotels, sitters, kennels and so on. It also lets you upload photos and videos of your pet, as well as view the postings of other users. Finally, Petcentric sends stories and articles about pets directly to your phone. Start today and develop the most pet friendly android app.

6. Rate my Puppy

This is basically a social media app for you and your puppy. You can take photos of your puppy and upload them directly to the app’s network of users. Other people on the app can vote on how cute your puppy is and rating systems are used to determine the cutest puppy of the day, the week, and so on. If you want to start a social media community find out how to develop a social media app or website.

7. Ask a Vet

One of my very good friends is a vet. Actually, I should probably say one of my former good friends is a vet. She’s sworn never to speak to me again after I asked her one too many questions about this bump and that scrape I found on my cat.

That’s why Ask a Vet is my favorite app on this list. It lets you ask actual vet questions about your little friend, so you never have to freak out about some weird thing on your dog’s leg. Fair warning, it can take a few days, so if it seems important a vet trip will still be necessary. All the same, I know my friend is grateful that I’m not calling her every other day with cat questions!

Get that Tail Wagging

If you are a dog or a cat lover, it is likely that you will build a successful app. With passion comes to interest for one’s business and chances are your app could be the next big thing! So if you’ve got a great idea for an app, but don’t know where to begin? That’s where SDI comes in. We will work with you throughout the app development process and even after that to ensure you receive downloads and gain visibility.

SDI has been making apps for as long as there have been apps – and before that we were making websites and software. We specialize in development, market strategy and investment hunting. Get in touch now at 408.805.0495 to receive some free marketing advice! You can even email us at – Talk soon!

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