Top 3 Markets to Watch at Tech Disrupt 2016

September 14, 2016 | Raj Srivastav

TechCrunch’s annual SF event Tech Disrupt 2016 is finally here! This event is renowned for, well disrupting the world of tech – what can I say, it’s aptly named. TechCrunch Disrupt is where tech startups and tech giants meet under the same roof to talk about the coolest new projects they’re all working on.

So obviously, this is a big deal for entrepreneurs who want to start their own tech startup – or even something smaller, like a simple app or website. Not only does it clue you into what are the biggest trends in the market, Tech Disrupt also has some of the best techies in the biz. Inspiration strikes everywhere around these guys.

So let’s take an opening day look at what’s already been released and what you should be keeping your eye on. By the way, if you want to know the overall markets to watch in 2016, stop on by our brief guide. First up on TechCrunch Disrupt Agenda, the main event: Startup Battlefield.

Hot Startups 2016

Why do we recommend keeping a close eye on the Battlefield (see full list) ? For a few reasons actually:

1. The obvious one first: inspiration. Sometimes you’ve got an idea tickling at the back of your mind but can’t quite get it all coalesced. Sometimes you need a kick in the intellectual pants to get you that final 10%. Or maybe inspiration will strike like lightning – you never know.

2. Watching these startups can tell you a lot about where markets are heading. As any serial entrepreneur, CEO, or SMB owner can tell you, having advanced knowledge of market movement can pay dividends. From telling you where possible support may be needed to showcasing new technologies, these startups are the future of tech; pay attention!

3. This is the most important reason: Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors. Every one of these startups are giving high quality, professional level pitches. Not only can you get some helpful tips, but you also get to see in what startups the investors themselves are most interested. This can help find the right investors in the right amount of time. By the way, SDI’s Investment team can help you find the right investors – and we can help you build a pitch to win them over!

Facebook Messenger

The biggest news we’ve had so far is Facebook’s Messenger and the Messenger Bots being completely revamped. While we’ve been seeing many of these changes occurring over the last few weeks, it’s now all official and out there. Plus 2 new features that will really help SMBs that use Facebook.

As Facebook itself states, Messenger has connected more than 200 countries to businesses around the world. Bots allow businesses to automatically connect to customers wherever they are; customers who are already interested in your product or service. Need to build your own business’ Messenger Bot? SDI can help there too.

So what are some of these changes? There are the subtle changes to the actual algorithm to help improve Bot speed (a real issue with the first launch). Bigger, they’ve clued in third party developers to the V1.2 launch a little earlier so they had more time to build better bots; plus, they’ve provided more resources and tools so our developers are really cooking with gas now.

There are also 2 new features perfect for businesses:

1. First, Facebook decided to deemphasize bot interaction through text; businesses can now build Web views that use the interface from your own personal website – all without the user ever leaving the chat window. Plus, the web viewer allows businesses to use their own branded UIs, buttons, tools, everything.

2. Messenger now accepts all major forms of digital payment from Credit cards to PayPal. So users can now interact with your website, use your own native UIs and buy your product with a few taps – without ever leaving the chat window.

Fantasy Football

Growing up, if you had told me jocks and nerds would be in the same room and nobody was getting beat, I would call you a liar. But here we are – the First day of Disrupt SF and one of the headlining items is DraftKings!

DraftKings and other Fantasy Football leagues use some of the most complex algorithms in the world. Their apps have to push the bounds of the industry in order to make their clients money. In other words, they’ve earned the right to call themselves Disruptive Tech; and they’re making millions!

They’re the newest app is a complex aggregator that connects to DraftKings’ website platform, giving it exceptional computation power. Not to mention, they’ve developed a UI that is nothing short of amazing. It manages to show a unique interface for each user and it’s perfectly designed to make a flawless experience

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