Using Technology to Improve Athletic Ability

August 9, 2019 | Rob LaPointe

A few years back, any form of sports or athletics required extensive paperwork and post-training workout from both the trainer and the athlete. Notes and video were taken manually when the athletes practice and then the data were collated into charts and graphs representing that athlete’s performance. Post the practice session, trainer and athlete would collaborate discussing the rooms for improvements and thoughts about physical movements that happened much earlier.

Sports coaches are highly expensive nowadays and secondly, they have very less time to spend on improving an individual’s performance metrics. Leveraging technology as a power factor to improve the athletic ability is a trending business idea for budding entrepreneurs which is potential enough to attract multiple investors.

Let’s dive deep into analyzing how technology can improve athletic ability and reasons why this would be the best start-up concept in this blog.

Reasons Why Integrate Technology with Athletics?

Are you a footballer, a baseball player, an athlete or a golfer? Training plays a crucial role in making you an effective and successful sportsperson. Technological advancement has become smarter and efficient over recent years especially in athletics. It has enabled us to get instant and quick data starting from managing the diet to measuring the heartbeat rate while the athletes perform.

Technological tools like a mobile app, wearables, and other connected devices can consecutively monitor the actions of the athletes closely second by second. Leveraging technology helps in defining better coaching and training strategies that produce more effective results.

Thoroughly understanding the market potential and need for technology to improve athletic ability, giants like Nike has developed applications that bring in a huge array of workouts for every fitness level and also their own performance council’s tips on training, nutrition, mindset, recovery, and sleep.

A step deeper, there are featured apps that makes use of evidence-based solution created by psychologists that leverages clinically validated techniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy that offers strategies to athletes on effectively managing their stress level. There are a countless number of applications filled in-app and play store that turns your smartphone into your personal instructor.

Real-time use cases of Technology in Athletic:

Naturally, it is not always the most talented team that wins, but the one who is prepared and improve their skill sets at regular intervals. Technology can boost athletic evaluations and offer training fundamentals that are perfect enough to improve the sportsperson’s capabilities.

Some real-time applications of technology in athletics include:

1. Yellowjacket App

Yellow Jacket application combines the power of Smartphone apps and radar gun to provide a full HD solution that enables to record your athlete, activity, car, plane, motorcycle, bicycle or boat with a stopwatch or radar data. You could add data to your video that could help provide the appropriate feedback and coaching.

2. RunTastic Pro

No matter if you run, cycle, walk, ski or do any other sport – Runtastic makes these activities more exciting for you. Combines body weight planning and nutrition plans to keep you fit and healthier. Offers a more personalized training plan to keep you prepared for the racing events.

3. MySwimmingTmes

This app helps to track swim times and view swimming time standards. You could Share swimming race times with friends and family using your favorite social networking tools like Facebook, Twitter, text messaging, and Email. Allows to Record and log swim times for multiple swimmers and also showcasing the best time list for individual swimmers.

4. GymAware

GymAware is an intuitive application, coaches and athletes can easily configure exercise targets and goals at both an individual and squad level basis. You can connect this iOS application with a PowerTool kit hardware to collect and review results across generic lift types. You could easily set target zones and train at specific bar speeds.

5. RunKeeper Pro

This is an exclusive fitness tracker app that gives a clear view of your training in real-time. Runkeeper mobile app provides you with personalized routines that fit your fitness level and busy schedule. In case if you prepare for a competition, you can set your own goals and prepare and motivate yourself with this user-friendly mobile application.

Why A Fitness Training App idea would be ideal for Aspiring Entrepreneurs?

Integrating digital technology with athletics has considerably decreased the margin of errors have turned the sports and athletic academics to explore and find the best digital companion and solution that could help them gain a competitive edge. Offering a unique solution by combining sports science and technology is the best way to reach out to the right audience and turning your ideas into million-dollar success stories.

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