Success Stories of Entrepreneurs Who Built Businesses During The Pandemic

January 18, 2021 | Sakshi Sharma

This year has been quite a challenging one for most of us. People had to stay indoors, several businesses had to be closed and the virus claimed several lives devastating families and communities.

However, even with all this depressing news, there are some positive things that have come out of this pandemic. It has created several successful entrepreneurs that otherwise may not have existed. Entrepreneurs who were able to learn and adapt to the changing circumstances.

There have been several inspiring stories of individuals adapting and succeeding in their chosen business.

A few examples are:

1. Gyms

Closing down has led to several trainers losing their jobs. This in turn enabled some of them to start their own ventures offering online training. The business started increasing since clients are now preferring to workout from the safety of their home. Having an app that offers various workout tips and a follow-along guide for exactly what workouts to do each day is an ideal way to bring in more clients.

2. Cooking

Cooking meals and baked goods at home and selling them is another business that is doing well, a sort of freelance chef. There are numerous home restaurants for which you can start a platform and connect them with their customers. For this, you will want to connect with a mobile app developer like SDI who can guide you and provide all the options you have.

3. Event Planning

Firms lost a lot of their business once the lockdown and quarantine started. Enterprising individuals started offering virtual events for marriages, birthdays, etc. thereby making sure that the celebrations don’t stop. Making the experience a seamless one helps in retaining and attracting customers.

4. Telehealth

The lockdown has hit the elderly more severely. They have become more sedentary and unable to have their physical therapists reach out and treat them. Shifting to telehealth was a way in which businesses adapted. For the elderly, the firms offered physical sessions maintaining social distance. Online therapy and physical exercises were offered for all others which had many users join in.

5. Toy Stores

Like many, these stores have lost quite a bit of business once the pandemic set in. Here again, ingenious owners have adapted the business based on the circumstances. There are apps wherein the kids can have a virtual tour of the shop and can buy toys. These are then delivered to their home.

6. Resume Writing

Several jobs have been lost due to the Pandemic. In these difficult times, enterprising resume writers have helped several people find better-paying jobs. Using software tools they have been able to reach out to many people and create a professional resume that stands out which helps them find a new better paying job.

7. Coaching

Career coaches offering advice online are attracting more and more customers. Most of them have recently been doing webcasts covering a broader audience more than they were before.

8. Education

With schools closed, extracurricular activities have come to a halt and students have started feeling bored. Entrepreneurs have stepped in to provide them much needed relief. One of them ships boxes with all the materials necessary for different experiments along with notes explaining the science behind each reaction. Students can have educational entertainment at home. A good website and proper digital marketing have enabled the business to earn a significant amount of money.

There are certain attributes necessary for an individual to create and run a business successfully especially in times like this.

1. Positive Mindset

It is very easy to feel negative with all these restrictions, lockdowns, and unfortunate deaths. But it is important that you maintain a positive attitude without succumbing to negativity. To understand opportunities and to be creative, resilience is a must. Believing things will get better helps you in running a successful business.

2. Vision

Be clear in your goals. It is important to visualize the business post-pandemic so that changing market conditions do not affect its growth.

3. Risk Assessment

Proper research should be done about the service you are going to launch. You’ll need to thoroughly understand your target audience, probable hazards, and the necessary precautions that need to be taken. Many businesses have failed because proper risk assessment was not done initially.

The common factor among all the businesses which have succeeded is that these are primarily conducted online. The pandemic has changed the nature of business permanently as we most likely won’t go back to the way things were done pre-pandemic.

Having a great app is an essential need to succeed. A premier app/website development company like SDI can develop highly interactive and customized apps, websites, and software for your business. Our cutting edge technology will provide a meaningful experience to your customers, helping you to exceed customer expectations.

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