Simple Tips How To Rank on The App Store

September 12, 2015 | Raj Srivastav

Simple Tips How To Rank on The App Store
Simple Tips How To Rank on The App Store

So you’ve built your app, you’ve designed it to a tee, and you’ve done your due SEO diligence. Still, those downloads are lagging, even with positive user feedback and a high Monthly Active Users (MAU). What’s going on here?

Well, one of the best post-launch methods to growth hack your app is to increase your rating in the App Store, or in Google Play. With over 1,000 apps launched per day, your app could be the best out there and no one will ever see it. Getting any sort of ranking in an app store is essential to a successful app and those downloads you need!

SDI has been in the tech biz for nearly two decades. We’ve been building apps since they came out – suffice to say that our livelihood is dependent upon understanding the tech market and all that comes with it. We know that increasing app store ranking is an inexpensive way for small entrepreneurs or startups to compete with the big ad budgets of larger companies.

Over the years, we’ve compiled a list of strategies that can be used to increase app store rankings. Here’s an abbreviated guide to the App Store Optimization (ASO) methods we’ve developed. When you’re done, get in touch and we can work out a strategy to get your app to that million+ downloads sweet spot.

Tip # 1: Listen to Your Users

This is an obvious one, but neglected more often than not. The best way to get your app ranked is simply to create an app that people talk to their friends about (in a good way). Listen to the feedback from your users and act on it! By heeding user feedback, your app will become more in keeping with what your market wants.

Even more importantly, the algorithms that Android and Apple use specifically looks at how your app retains and engages users. So, not only is listening to your users sound business planning, it also can directly impact your app store rating.

App development is iterative; it builds upon itself everyday. In order to get those downloads, your app will need to conform to the ideals of your target market. The better your app fits the needs of your users, the more downloads you will get. Keep in mind that 50% of iOS users and 41% of Android users find out about apps through friends and family. You want users to talk about how great your app is – it is one of the best ways to increase downloads.

In a bit of a Catch-22, the more downloads you have, the higher you will rank in the app store and the more downloads you will get. Yup that’s right, getting downloads will get you more downloads. Does your head hurt yet? No reason to lose your hair over it – drop SDI a line today and we can walk you through the whole app development process.

Tip # 2: More Stars = Higher Ranking

Getting your users to rate and review your app is essential. And incredibly difficult. Like, seriously, head-banging-against-the-wall difficult. You could be sticking to tip#1 perfectly: your app perfectly suits the needs of your users, it incorporates feedback quickly and efficiently, and so on but you still aren’t getting the reviews and ratings you need.

Unfortunately, the ratings and reviews left by users is probably the single biggest way to drive up your app store ranking. You need to be proactive – reach out to your users with right questions. Give them a reason to review your app, otherwise who’s gonna spend the time?

There are even tools that can help unobtrusively push users towards leaving reviews and ratings. Apptentive is an analytic suite that can help drive engagement that lets publishers and customers communicate directly. Not only does it help encourage users to leave reviews and ratings, it allows users to quickly and efficiently repair bugs or incorporate feedback. Keep an eye out for these types of tools – they’re very useful. If you need to know more on premium tools contact an expert today.

Tip # 3 Keywords

Most of you are already pretty familiar with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the importance of keywords and keyword phrases. ASO leverages some of the same tactics to improve an app’s ranking in an app store.

Keywords are words or phrases that are more likely to be natively searched. For instance, if you’re making an app for Fantasy Football, you want to include keywords that people will use when looking up fantasy football. Most importantly, you should have the biggest hitting keyword in the title of your app!

We can’t stress the importance of this enough. While 50% or so of smartphone owners find apps through people they know, 63% of iOS users find apps by simply browsing on the App Store.

The app industry is just in its infancy. Ponder that for a moment. We’ve only had apps around for less than a decade. The industry is expanding at a mind-blowing rate of 30% a year! Economists are projecting that app industry and other economies associated with apps will be worth $143 billion by 2016.

Those are some phenomenal numbers. Apps make money – but they need to be sold in the right way. Most apps aren’t a hit just because of the content. There is a whole flurry of marketing activity done behind the scenes and that’s prior to launch…and then post-launch, and post-post-launch

If you have an app that is struggling to get downloads, why not give SDI a call at 408.805.0495? We are development and marketing experts with tons of experience in app marketing. Our marketing team is highly qualified and each member has at least 3-5 years in sales or marketing.

If you just have an app idea but you haven’t developed anything as of yet, good news. We do app development too! For a cost-effective price, your idea can be turned into a highly functioning app that people will want to give 5 stars. Get in touch now for a free consultation and quote.

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