Simple Tips: Facts That You Did Not Know About App Development

June 30, 2015 | Rob LaPointe

Simple Tips: Facts That You Did Not Know About App Development
Simple Tips: Facts That You Did Not Know About App Development

App Development is the latest buzzword among startups, entrepreneurs, SMB’s and enterprise in 2015. Are you looking to jump into the app entrepreneurial world? Are you curious about what goes into the making of an app and how to make the right financial decisions when picking an app development partner?

At SDI, we have been answering these questions for over a decade and a half. We have perfected the process of high quality apps at a low price. We went ahead and compiled a few of the most common questions asked what a day in the top Bay Area app making company looks like.

1. How does SDI go about developing a app?

The first step is pretty obvious: we sit down with the client to see what it is they want from an app. What is the basic concept of their app idea, what can we do to add to it, and what competition is out there? Once we have determined the basic structure of what the client wants, we do our own research and market analysis on competition and additional features that we can add that will make the app successful and drive downloads.

Next, we determine the technical capabilities of the app and how to create the best UI and UX possible. We work with some of the best project management tools available and during the entire life cycle of the app development process our clients are given access to login and track progress of their app idea. SDI has successfully built thousands of apps and websites that are thoroughly tested and bug-free.

The final step is optional: one feature we offer at SDI is help with Social Media Marketing and SEO of our clients products. In conjunction with the client, we develop, launch and (for a time) maintain a marketing campaign to create a buzz and raise awareness of the app that has been launched. We have found that this is an extremely helpful step in SMB that don’t have their own marketing team. See how SMM and SEO can help you reach 10,000 downloads!

2. How long does an app take to make?

The entire development cycle of an app varies from company to company, and on the technical requirements of the app itself. At SDI, we pride ourselves on a short turn around on high-quality apps, even ones that are extremely complex. In as little as 4-6 months, your app can go from an idea, to a launched product, making you millions. Hire a dedicated app developer and start your app today. We have amazing app deals and offers available for startups and entrepreneurs.

Of course, apps are an ongoing process, so realistically an app is never really done. Once it’s finally hit the market, feedback needs to be collected, features need to be scaled up, a monetization strategy needs to be implemented (if one has not already), and kinks need to be worked out. Fortunately for our customers, SDI can help with all of that, including offering a free half year of troubleshooting and bug repair.

3. How much will it cost to develop my own app?

Like the amount of time required, the cost is highly subjective. However, a good company keeps pricing transparent and clearly displays its prices, and the best companies offer a fixed cost pricing system. At SDI, we charge a fixed fee per app starting at $2000 and a fixed cost of 20/hour for the overall project. Compared to our competitors, SDI is on the lower end because we keep our development costs in control. We have worked on simple to complex projects and our development team has launched over 5000 projects for clients worldwide.

Choosing the right app development company is imperative for success. The return on a well-built app is in the millions – or even billions. Just look at Evan Spiegel – thanks to his app SnapChat in 3 years, he went from being an indebted college student to being worth billions.

4. How long has SDI been making apps, and what got you started in the industry?

SDI started off as a web design and development company in 1999 by Raj Srivastav, the current CEO. In 2008, Srivastav jumped on board with apps and app making with the advent of Apple’s App Store. While we still develop and design some of the best websites in California, Srivastav knew that things were changing, and SDI was ready for the change as well!

With the launch of the iPhone 3G, Srivastav saw that a new age in digital technology was approaching and he quickly pivoted SDI. Within a few months, SDI had made a name for itself among Silicon Valley app makers, and we haven’t looked back since.

5. What projects has SDI worked on, and who were your clients?

SDI has literally worked on over 5000 different projects, with some 4,000 customers so we won’t belabor you with a complete accounting. However, there are a few that we are particular proud of, covered here:

iKoast is an Australian interactive social app that alerts people of community events near them. It not only lets users know of things to do, but also makes users aware of local issues, such as a shark sighting or riptides.

Video Date is an especially good demonstration of the high quality work our app makers do. This app lets users have a real-time peer-to-peer video conversation with a potential date. With additional sharing options and a built-in monetization feature, this app won accolades from notable publications like Time Magazine and USA Today.

We have also worked with some of the biggest brands such as Marvell, Stanford University, and Pepsi, to design and build beautiful and high-functioning apps and websites for over a decade and a half. Check out some of our excellent work on our portfolio page and check out our full list of case studies here.

6. What’s the next big thing in technology?

Your app!

No, but seriously, the tech world is, with increasing momentum, moving towards integrated technologies and smart gadgets. Commonly referred to as “the Internet of Things (IoT)” and “Wearable Tech,” the trend towards connectivity is one no SMB owner can afford to ignore. Just recently, Google announced Projects Jacquard and Soli, both of which are intended to let users remotely connect and control their internet devices.

Do you have an app idea or would you like to redesign your website to spike business growth? Partner with Software Developers India and let’s build the next big app for you. Call us today on 408.805.0495, or email us, and get free business consultation from our experienced app strategists.

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