Setting Up New Business – A Manifesto for Entrepreneurs

May 29, 2017 | Sakshi Sharma

Global Economic conditions remain challenging and setting up a new business in this competitive arena is no easy task. Formulating your new business ideas and striking success on your own requires high-level strategic planning and leveraging solutions effectively to make your business stand out from competitors. Here are some important key ideas and important facts to be considered when setting up a New business.

Business Idea & Planning:

A business idea is where you start from before setting up the actual business. Successful business stories emerged from brilliant and innovative ideas. So start researching your business ideas, incubate it and analyze the top-bottom economics of it.

Developing a strategic plan for your business concept helps to streamline your vision and direction towards success. Financial planning, human effort planning, technology planning, and funds planning are the best examples which have more impact ratio over the success of the business globally.

Registering your Business Legally

Make a decision over the legal structure of your business. Register your company name, apply for required licenses, complete the tax formalities and file for trademark protection if required.


Start planning your branding and promotional activities once you are done with planning. The most successful brands across the globe have unique branding stories and concepts. Tagline, logo, and marketing captions have a ton of roles to play with your business brand equity.

More than 75% of consumers start their search by Search Engines. Thus, online presence has an intensive role in marketing concepts. It’s already a proven concept that irrespective of the business type and model, launching a professional website can double your ROI and provides you with better customer conversion rates. Even we at SDI have powered 400+ of our clients to drastically increase their revenue by powering their online presence through award winning innovative website development.

Social Media branding helps in targeting a specific audience or customer that is more likely to be interested in your business. That’s why leading companies and nurturing startups invest heavily in social media promotions.

Give your Customer the Best Experience

Your customers are the single greatest asset to your business. They look and demand quality in the services that you deliver. Thus it is highly significant to stretch your business adaptability to match their needs and expectations.

Technology, the concept behind success stories for multiple brands has a never-ending impact over customer experience globally. The customer-driven technology approach is trending in 2017, where top notch software development companies like SDI have been involved in creating high end customer value through innovative software development services.

Finance & Taxation

Plan your financial and taxation aspects effectively to avoid risk curves. It is of the utmost necessity to keep track of each and every penny that you invest in your business and ways to maximize your tax benefits.

The technological evolution has paved the way for making finance and tax concepts easier than ever. There are apps and software that can help you get the best deal on taxes and automate your accounting for better financial management. We at SDI have leveraged technology and helped our customers to build their own tax preparation and Financial Management apps.

Managing your Day-Day Business Efficiency

Keeping your business in control is the die-hard task for any Entrepreneur. The efficient use of resources is an important aspect of business sustainability. Prioritizing operational capabilities based on the needs of the customers ensures a high level of operational efficiency.

Leveraging Technology is the perfect choice to improve your business efficiency and increase your revenue. Managing your sales, customer relations with a CRM, centralizing your human resources (both strategic and operational levels by a HRM/Payroll software), and a project management systems could certainly help you in achieving additional operational efficiency for your business. SDI is a pioneer for an end to end IT solutions offering innovative and cutting edge solutions for more than 200+ clients to improve their business efficiency through CRM, ERP, Project Management Software, and App development.

All Set & Working Fine? Then Go MOBILE

In today’s digital era, a great mobile strategy is vital for any business. Smartphones intense impact over the business has been highly recognized in the last few years and numerous entities have changed to the GO MOBILE strategy to be in the race. So it is better to adapt yourself to the competitive scenario by developing a high performing mobile app with superior user experience.

If you are looking to leverage the best technological practices and concepts that will help you to streamline your new business and boost your competitive advantage? Contact the technology experts at Software Developers India (SDI) for all your IT needs. Give us a call at 408.805.0495/408.621.8481 – or click to contact us today for a Free Consultation.

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