Small Business Week: Reboot & Energize your Business with Low-cost Web Developers

May 7, 2015 | Raj Srivastav

Small Business Week: Reboot & Energize your Business with Low-cost Web Developers
Small Business Week: Reboot & Energize your Business with Low-cost Web Developers

National Small Business Week celebrates American entrepreneurs and small business owners who take a crack at realizing their goals. It dates back to the 1960s, and though the technology has changed considerably, the core ideals of the small business haven’t changed. Today, one of the most important ways that businesses grow is through web presence, and that’s where SDI can help.

Your Online Hub

Your website is your home base. It’s the main hub for your online presence and a primary tool for reaching audiences. Everything you do should link back to it—social media profiles, email signatures, even your business card. A website is one of the best ways to introduce people to your business, and for that, it needs to look good and leave a great first impression. Website design and development built with the latest trends now look modern, mobile-friendly, and synced up with your existing branding to keep a cohesive identity.

As for your business base of operations online, one of the site’s main purposes is to educate users about your business, and specifically what you offer to your customers. Once you have established the value and importance of your services you can guide the user on an actionable path to becoming a paying customer. Web development acts as a catalyst and increases revenue for businesses of all sizes, especially for SMB’s, Find out the importance of web development for small business in 2015.


Websites drive organic traffic from searches. This is where an online business can really accelerate growth. By building a site with good practices for SEO and focusing on keywords that will bring in interested traffic that can be converted into paying customers.

Websites keep people in touch with your business. A company blog can be a great way to keep customers on the hook, while simultaneously giving you a place to pump out fresh content for search engines to index. SDI’s tech blog has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, small businesses and startups worldwide channelize their business strategy with effective business management techniques. Overall a big win for your marketing funnel and your SEO.

Expanding Services

Websites can provide services—eCommerce, user accounts, schedules, sign-ups, cloud, digital forms, email and SMS notifications, and on and on. Whatever your small business provides, odds are part of that service that can be brought online. This is a huge opportunity to expand your business.

Bringing services online means converting visitors into customers faster by allowing completely automated transactions and services. It gives you an easy way to expand your customer base to a wider audience that isn’t bound by geography. It adds tremendous convenience for customers and opens up doors to allow mobile users to access your services at any time.

Expanding services online is a force-multiplier, bringing in tons of potential revenue and increasing your customer base. Automating services through the website multiplies things even further by allowing you to easily serve hundreds of customers without needing employee intervention. There is a lot of growth potential there.

SDI’s affordable web development services provide an ideal opportunity for fast return on investment. SMB explore 5 ways responsive web design can improve your conversions in business.

The key to success, of course, is that the services on the website need to be well designed and engineered so that they work flawlessly—and that’s what we guarantee.

SDI is a premium web development company in Silicon Valley. For a free quote, say hi at 408.805.0495, or email We’ve got the knowledge and experience you need to super-charge your business on the modern web. Mobile-friendly, beautiful designs, and marketing expertise that will make your growth goals a reality.

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