Realtor: Increase Sales with a Rich Real Estate iPad App

October 13, 2015 | Raj Srivastav

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Realtor: Increase Sales with a Rich Real Estate iPad App

Tablets aren’t going away. In fact, they’re only growing in popularity and will likely be one of the final contributors to the deathblow of the desktop computer. Already, the new iPad Pro has a new processing chip – the A9X. That’s 2 times as fast as the chip from the previous generation and nearly 22 times faster than the first iPad way back in the yesteryears of 2010.

That’s a pretty astounding number: it basically means in the five and a half years since Apple released the first iPad, its performance has increased 2200%. Already the new iPad Pro is said to be 80% faster than all desktops released in the last year.

So, why should you, as a realtor or an SMB owner, care? Because the iPad may just very well be the best tech tool for business out there. As a real estate website and app builder, we’ve seen the results a commercial real estate iPad app has. Why you ask? Let’s find out.

Drive Growth with the iPad

We all know that mobile apps can increases a business’ growth exponentially, so why are we lending a particular weight to apps for iPad? Why can’t an app for an iPhone or Android smartphone accomplish the same purpose?

Honestly, the best comparison that comes to mind is the difference between HD TVs and SD TVs. HD and high-performance TVs have been around for a while now, but if you happen to be as old as me, you remember those old square standard definition TVs. If you can think back that far, you may remember the marked change between the two TV types. With HD, our screens became much crisper, clearer and brighter, capturing the feeling of real life with more success than previous attempts.

The difference between tablet apps and phone apps is much the same. Sure, they both perform the same function, for instance making it easier to appraise a beautiful piece of property (like the app Dameco, built by SDI, does), but one looks good while doing it. The iPad has increased screen real estate and superior graphics processing powers to any app and provides a robust second screen for people to access your app.

This is especially true when the target industry is something like Real Estate. Obviously, there is an enormous visual component to selling the property. Most people want to be able to see a home or at least see what it is like, to get a feel for it. After all, you’re making the decision of a lifetime and you probably shouldn’t rush to judgment, right?

With the internet and those above-mentioned high def screens, it’s a pretty simple matter to show off the particulars of a home. This is an especially important feature today when there is a lot of U.S. in-migration going on (people moving from 1 state to another) and people can’t necessarily view a property in person.

Okay, so maybe the importance of having a good application to grow business is well-known, but why not just build a smartphone app? Most people in the country have a smartphone, but nowhere near as many have a tablet. What are the advantages of an iPad app over an iPhone app or, for that matter, a simple web app that works on a desktop?


• Over smart phones

Tablets in general and the iPad Pro, in particular, have a cleaner and better-detailed screen, as well as the screen, being larger in general. Coupled with the better graphics capabilities, iPad users report a more satisfying user experience for real estate apps – or apps for any industry, really.

iPad apps can be more robust and intensive. This isn’t to say that robust and complex apps can only be built for iPad; it’s merely to point out that it’s easier to work with complex apps on a device with superior processing power and excellent graphics.

iPads are designed to be laptop replacements: they’re built for labor-intensive usage. Whether that’s playing a game or buying a house, iPads are made for it. For a real estate app, you’re going to want other features such as a 360-degree room by room tour, information on appraisals, and any other pertinent stuff all included. That’s a lot to do on a phone – an iPad is definitely the way to go.

To be clear, there is no reason your app can’t be made for both platforms and really it’s a pretty inexpensive option, with the right development partner.

• Over desktops

The advantages of an iPad app over a desktop are a little clearer than those over a smartphone app:

The touchscreen. Sure, desktop screens can be touch. But desktop touchscreens are awkward, difficult and uncomfortable to use, at best. Touchscreens are the future – and the iPad is the ultimate touchscreen.

As stated above, the new iPad is faster than 80% of desktops released in the last year. That means faster load times, cleaner transitions and the ability to better leverage modern tech with the iPad

The personal desktop is dead. No other way to put it. There is no niche for them any longer. Both smartphones and tablets are more portable; tablets now have better processor power, and smartphones/tablets are more interactive. Desktops will likely continue on as a professional resource (thankfully for me – typing a 1000 words on a touchscreen is still a challenge).

Really you can’t go wrong with an app for iPad. And, on the flip side, you totally can go wrong by not having an iPad, especially in a field like real estate. SDI, known as Silicon Valley’s premium app developers designs, develops and markets apps from scratch. If you are a realtor and would like to take your business a notch higher, develop a visual feel of real estate with iPad app development. Drop by our office and get a 1 hr free consultation from business experts.

Even if you aren’t in real estate, what’s to stop you from building a real estate app for agents? This business model is lucrative and we can assist you in your marketing efforts. There’s no law in the books to say you can’t and often times it takes an outsider to come up with the perfect idea. Whether you’re a real estate agent looking to build your own app, or just someone with a great idea, give SDI a call at 408.805.0495 or contact us directly to get started. Call today and get a 14 day free trial!

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