iPhone App makes a landscape architect out of you

May 29, 2013 | admin

SAN JOSE, California, 29 May 2013  Outdoor spaces hold much of the appeal and charm to a property. They are the first impressions going out and iPhone app Hardscape ensures your exteriors make few hearts skip a beat or two.

Designed at SDI, Hardscape, is a proactive iPhone app that redefines doing up outdoor spaces and associated logistics. The app keeps you ahead of the game by allowing capturing the exteriors of your house, building, office etc. on camera and building on it in real time. Say if you’re thinking of doing up the exteriors with a new walkway, stone-wall fencing, or some advanced water feature, just take a few pictures and start off landscaping with the wide options on Hardscape.

The iPhone app holds a multitude of user-friendly designing tools adding up to a realistic rendering of the space, estimated costs, and time. The biggest plus is you have an actual blueprint ready in moments without a single penny forked out. Also, you get to better put out your idea before contractors and builders by pulling out images done to scale. This helps save up money, time, and hire niche resources for the job.

The image database built into Hardscape is one of the most comprehensive for bringing ideas onto the New Age canvas. New additions enrich the database regularly to spur new workflows.

Some scenarios included in the database go like: Architecture, Stone and retention walls, walkways and steps, patios, pavers, landscape rocks, wood fences, wrought iron fences, water features, lighting, yard lights and so on.

The kind of wide functionality on the iPhone app cuts across all user types—be it a contractor having the measure of paver sizes on-site or a regular homeowner trying to get around the perfect accompaniment for the exteriors.

With hordes of innovative texture tools, one can easily superimpose and try out different scenarios. For example, a grass background can be stacked up against a line of mulch plantation, or a concrete patio against a small marquee and so on. For the best virtual reality, append scenarios with flowers, railings, walkways, and other designing features.

Hardscape is virtual reality at its best. It is widely drawn upon as a designing tool by realtors, builders, contractors etc. for illustrating vividly over dealing with indistinct narrations. Illustrative demos hold better with clients as against out-of-scale sketching and drawings.

Simply put, Hardscape is brilliant as an iPhone app for designing and shaping up your exteriors. And many more define varied purposes like gaming, business, entertainment, sports, news, etc. at www.softwaredevelopersindia.com, one of the finest hubs for exciting mobile apps made out of baseline concepts and ideas. The company is a leading mobile app development firm which can be connected with directly on email at team@sdi.la.

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