Goodbye blind dates—it’s time to Video Date!

May 23, 2013 | admin

23rd May 2013, US. While some mobile apps rule devices, some are meant to rule lives, and Video Date is definitely one of them. The app is a first of its kind for holding real-time video dates out of iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. You also get to share pics, instant messages, and texts etc. on your way to dating no holds barred.

To make a start, set off scouting member profiles and requesting connections. Browse the listed profiles from the ‘search section’; make your selections and choices, and round off by sending connection requests. Notification alerts pop up as soon as your requests get acceptance or there are incoming requests up for acknowledgement. Details of who all visited your profile can be tracked from the ‘viewed me’ section, which logs every profile visit. To take your ‘connections’ to the next level of live video dating and real-time messaging, requests need to be shared and mutually accepted. The ‘request section’ is where you get to accept requests before jumping into the live ‘Video Date’ section. Now you’re on your way to hitting it up with real, like-minded individuals! But what if your dating partner is off at the moment? That’s when you can turn to the ‘message section’ and text out a future schedule. Messages can be sent discreetly to any of the accepted members directly; no hanging on phone numbers or emails etc. Most video dating apps come with some kind of uptime requirements for updates and notifications to keep rolling in. This can get really hard on battery life. Video Date is different; even when you’re off the app surfing the Web or doing your own device stuff, you’ll never miss out notifications from new members.

In addition, for members already on your video dating list, there’s a ‘quick text box’ which pops up for incoming notifications. It allows sending back quick replies without having to log in; you can even line up video calls or send picture messages right away.

Designed at SDI, Video Date is a cut above the others and ensures you never miss the boat, no matter where you are. It is one of the best apps to enjoy instant, live video dating for free on Google Play and the Apple Store. The app can be accessed on the fly on 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi support.

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